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Our projects are designed to provide analytical solutions that address complex management and policy questions to improve outcomes for Hoosiers. We empower our partners to leverage data in innovative ways, facilitating data-driven decision making and data-informed policy making.

Check out some of our most recent work below.

  • Opioid Epidemic

    MPH supports the State’s Executive Director for Drug Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement efforts by bringing together subject-matter experts and data from multiple state agency silos enabling key executive branch decision makers to view broad substance abuse trends in the state.

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  • Education and Workforce Development

    The Education and Workforce Development (EWD) database is a large-scale data matching initiative within MPH. This longitudinal dataset joins valuable information from disparate sources to answer key questions about Indiana's education-to-workforce pipeline

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  • Indiana Transparency Portal

    The State Comptroller's Office has collaborated with the Management Performance Hub and the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) to leverage data analytics and visualization tools take Indiana's transparency efforts to the Next Level.

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  • Equity Data Portal

    The State of Indiana’s Equity Data Portal delivers a view into current health, public safety, social services, education and workforce data to help Hoosiers keep the state accountable to ensuring all Hoosiers are served equitably.

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  • Arrest Dashboard

    MPH designed a data visualization to understand arrest rates by county and crime type giving law enforcement and communities the opportunity to evaluate their individual situations to appropriately allocate resources and support.

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  • Re-Arrest Dashboard

    The Re-Arrest Dashboard analyzes Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) release outcomes for different populations coming out of the correctional system. The dashboard, a first of its kind analysis for Indiana, provides a one year post-release analysis on the charges of recently released individuals. This is especially important in identifying trends for individuals who become justice involved, but don’t return to a IDOC facility.

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  • INSPECT Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

    The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency partnered with Indiana MPH to create a data visualization for their Indiana Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data. This data provides insight on prescriptions of controlled substances (or drugs of concern/abuse potential) in the State of Indiana. The dashboard shows dispensation information by time, place and drug class.

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  • Medicaid Optimization

    Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), in collaboration with MPH, released public datasets to unlock the value of this data and allow organizations to more effectively tackle healthcare challenges.

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  • Naloxone Administration Heat Map

    This tool provides insight into the incident location where naloxone was administered and reported by EMS providers throughout the state of Indiana. The Naloxone Administration Heatmap shows naloxone administrations as reported by EMS provider agencies since January 1, 2014.

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  • Fatal Drug Overdose Touchpoints

    The dashboard below displays touchpoints, as captured through state administrative datasets, that an individual experienced prior to a fatal overdose. The touchpoints are displayed by prevalence, frequency, and recency as rates and percentages, beginning in 2015.

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  • Indiana Vehicle Fuel Dashboard

    A new interactive tool that highlights data and trends in the types of vehicles Hoosiers drive is now available. The Indiana Vehicle Fuel Dashboard is designed to shed light on alternative fueling trends in transportation throughout the state. This tool allows users to see how many are powered by gas, diesel, and electric, among others.

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  • Mental Health Related Events

    MPH partnered with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, the Indiana Department of Health, and the Division of Mental Health and Addiction within the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration to develop a dashboard tracking mental health-related events as captured in emergency medical services (EMS) and emergency department (ED) data. The dashboard below visualizes these data by year, event category, demographics, and geographic area.

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