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Welcome to our News & Events page. This page contains articles about MPH and our partners, as well as information on our upcoming events. You can also sign-up for our newsletter and reach out to our Communications and Marketing team.

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Indiana Management Performance Hub receives National IT Award for Enhanced Research Environment

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Jeff Mullins, Communications Director

MPH Social Media Policy

MPH social media accounts are monitored by MPH staff in an effort to promote related information, activities and issues. Our goal is to share ideas and information with as many individuals as possible. The social media pages are not public forums.

  • When interacting on our social media pages, please be civil and follow the usage guidelines established by the social networking service.
  • We do not allow profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, nudity or sexual content, advertising, encouragement of illegal activity or political campaigning on our social media accounts. Such content may be removed. Other comments that may be removed include hate speech, defamatory comments, and comments that
    promote or foster discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, and physical or mental disability.
  • Any other comments that could reasonably compromise public safety, are inappropriate, do not follow established commenting guidelines, are unrelated to the purpose and topical scope of the page, are excessively repetitive and/or disruptive to the online community and its social media efforts may be
  • Comments infringing on copyrights, or containing personal identifying information or sensitive personal information and/or spam may also be removed.
  • Negative comments will only be hidden or deleted if they violate the Community Rules.
  • We monitor our profiles and pages but are not responsible for content generated by third-party users. Comments, links and images posted by the public may not necessarily represent the views of MPH. Sharing of third-party content, either via liking, sharing or re-tweeting, may not necessarily represent
    endorsement by MPH. Our profiles and pages may contain website links or advertising; this does not constitute endorsement by MPH.
  • All links posted as comments on MPH posts will be reviewed and may be hidden or deleted.
  • We will answer questions as time permits. Be cautious of answers from third-parties as the information may not be correct.
  • The focus of the social networking opportunities is to share information about MPH programs and properties. Larger discussions of political views and philosophies should not be addressed here.
  • Repeated and/or serious violations of the Community Rules may cause the author to be blocked from MPH-sponsored YouTube and Twitter pages.  Violations may also result in an abuse report being filed with the social media
    service, and may occur without warning and at agency discretion.
  • Be aware that comments via State agency media services are considered public record, will be retained according to approved records retention policies and may be subject to production in response to requests under the Access to Public Records Act.
  • If a member of the public has an immediate concern about posted content, please contact Jeff Mullins, MPH Communications Director.

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