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MPH Data Day 2024

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Check out these Data Day 2024 highlights!

The Indiana Management Performance Hub and Indiana Chief Data Officer Josh Martin invited the statewide data community to the seventh annual Data Day. Data Day 2024 was hosted on May 29 at the Conference Center & Auditorium at the Indiana Government Center in downtown Indianapolis.

At Data Day, attendees discovered how state agencies and trusted partners use data to tackle challenges in education, workforce development, public health and beyond. The sessions covered a wide range of topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data privacy, data management, data visualization and data science.

Data Day celebrated MPH’s collaborative and innovative approach to fostering a culture of collaboration and data-driven decision making between state agencies and key trusted partners. Join us next year at our annual celebration where we learn more about how data continues to play an increasingly important role in state government.

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The Opening Session at Data Day 2024 featured remarks by Indiana Chief Data Officer Josh Martin who discussed the State Data Strategy and a comprehensive plan to make Indiana's data accessible, reliable and actionable. The remainder of the Opening Session featured a panel titled Powering Progress: Indiana's Roadmap for Responsible AI in Government. Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds immense potential to transform government services – but responsible implementation is key. The panel took a deep dive into Indiana's new state policy governing AI use within state agencies, highlighting best practices for data governance, privacy and ethical AI implementation.

The panel featured Jennifer Cooper, Assistant General Counsel, Indiana MPH; Chris Henderson, Chief Information Officer, Indiana Department of Workforce Development; Rachel Clark, Chief Information Officer, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles; and Brian Zaczek, Principal Data Scientist, Indiana MPH.

You can watch each session via the embedded YouTube videos below or on the MPH YouTube Channel.

Opening Session - Part 1

Opening Session - Part 2

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions held in the Auditorium were recorded and are available as videos from the MPH YouTube Channel. The following sessions are available and embedded below.

SLDS Data Story: Year 6 Employment Trends by Education Level
Presenters: Bryan Zaczek, Principal Data Scientist, and Hali Buck, Senior Director of Engagement & Analytics, Indiana Management Performance Hub

This session dives into Indiana's Education Workforce Data System (EWDS), the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) for our state. We'll explore employment trends by education level for Hoosier high school graduates six years after graduation.

Get ready for some data storytelling - you'll see how the EWDS can be used to answer research questions with real-world examples!

Navigating the Intersection of Data Governance and Records Management in the Public Sector
Presenters: Jen Cooper, Assistant General Counsel, Indiana Management Performance Hub and Kalita L√≥pez, Electronic Records Archivist, Indiana Archives & Records Administration 

Feeling lost in the maze of data governance and records management? This session is your map! Representatives from the IARA and MPH explore the critical connection between these two areas in the public sector, highlighting how they work together and the challenges you might face.

You'll gain insights on: recent data privacy & governance developments; managing digital records retention & public access requests; governing data products like dashboards; an the impact of AI on records and data ethics.

Digestible Data Visualizations
: Carl Gidley, Data Scientist, Indiana Management Performance Hub

Our stakeholders are bombarded with hundreds of requests for their attention each day. Come for ideas, pointers, and discussion on creating digestible data visualizations that effectively inform strategic decision-making!

The following breakouts sessions were held at Data Day 2024 and we have archived presentation slides linked below.

Presentation Information

How Data-Driven Decision Making Influences Interventions
Presenter: Sarah Harness, Supervisor – Data/IT, Vanderburgh County Health Department

The fight for infant health equity is a fight for all. But the reality is, Black mothers and babies face a much higher risk of infant mortality. This session explores a powerful data-driven approach in Vanderburgh County. Join a representative of the Vanderburgh County Health Department to learn how the county used data to pinpoint racial disparities in infant mortality rates and the story behind the alarming rate in zip code 47713 (42.1 deaths/1,000 births). You’ll discover the data-driven strategies implemented, including the Pre to 3 program and the Evansville Promise Neighborhood initiative, to see how Vanderburgh County is leveraging data to close the racial gap in infant mortality and ensure equitable access to care.

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From Data to Action: Leveraging Indiana 211 Insights 
Presenter: Amy Wyse, Business Analyst, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

Since Indiana 211 became a division of the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) in 2020, the program has worked with FSSA’s Data & Analytics team to build out data products within three main areas: resource data, interaction data, and call data. Learn how this suite of dashboards has been developed to analyze this data for public use, internal operational knowledge, and to drive decision-making to increase efficiency of Indiana 211 processes. Since the dashboards were created, the Indiana 211 team uses the information to inform business decisions and ultimately impact Hoosiers.

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Utilizing Real-Time Data to Identify Opportunities for Overdose Intervention
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Aalsma, Johnathan & Jennifer Simmons Professor of Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine; Kaitlyn Christian, Senior Director of Engagement and Analytics and John Cayton, Business Intelligence Developer, Indiana Management Performance Hub

This session explores a collaborative effort to develop a real-time overdose prevention dashboard.  Learn how this project utilizes data to identify key intervention points prior to a fatal overdose, empowering local teams to save lives.

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A collaborative evaluation of Indiana Family Preservation Services
Presenters: Dr. Allyson Dir, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Indiana University School of Medicine and Brian Goodwin, Senior Research Analyst, Indiana Department of Child Services

As part of the implementation of Family First Preservation Services Act, and to meet legal requirements set by the Indiana State Legislature in 2019, Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) implemented Indiana Family Preservation Services (INFPS) to maintain children in the home when it is deemed safe to do so. A team of researchers from DCS and Indiana University leveraged DCS administrative data, along with data collected from service providers, to evaluate INFPS. In addition to discussing findings from the evaluation of INFPS, the presentation will highlight lessons learned in establishing a collaborative partnership as well as plans and current progress on additional projects.

Slides coming soon...

Demystifying Medical Records: A Crash-Course in Healthcare Data Analysis
Presenter: Amy Ann Tylenda, Data Scientist, Indiana Management Performance Hub

Dive headfirst into healthcare data and learn about data collection, medical classifications, HIPAA, and techniques and strategies needed to work with healthcare data.

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Data Solutions for IDEM's Project Management Office 
Presenter: Brooke Myer, Agency Project Manager, Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Learn how The Indiana Department of Environmental Management's PMO built a data solution using SharePoint, Power Automate, Forms, and Power BI to collect, manage, and visualize project information. This system streamlines project intake, creates a central project portfolio, and provides dashboards for senior management, though some limitations exist regarding IT expertise and licensing. Future plans involve PMO-specific metrics and broader staff access.

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Probabilistic Record Linkage with Splink 
Presenter: Matthew Simmons, Data Scientist, Indiana Deptartment of Health

The Indiana Department of Health is unlocking the power of patient-entity data through cloud technology and partnerships. However, disparate datasets and missing unique identifiers pose a challenge. This session will highlight the application of increasingly complex record linkage methodologies and feature an in-depth review of Splink. Distributed freely as a Python library, Splink is grounded in a probabilistic framework and allows for modular development and cloud integration.

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Data-Driven Aging: Navigating New Pathways at CICOA 
Presenter:Kelsey Chance, Director of Data and Research, CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions

In July 2024, Indiana Family & Social Services Administration (FSSA) will launch Pathways for Aging for older adults aged 60 and over by partnering with health plans to manage members’ long-term services and supports. CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions, the largest Area Agency on Aging in Indiana, is tasked with preparing for this new landscape of service delivery to our community and data has played a pivotal role in this transition. In this session, learn how CICOA’s data transformation journey has allowed them to embrace the change ahead.

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Innovative and Sustainable Health Workforce Data Management Solutions for Indiana
Presenter: Sierra X. Vaughn, MPH; Assistant Director, Data and Research; Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy

Who are Indiana's healthcare providers, and where are they most needed? The Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy, located at Indiana University School of Medicine, is a leader in health workforce research, tackles this critical question with data. Explore the innovative strategy, the Bowen Center developed for the State of Indiana, collecting and analyzing data on licensed health professionals.This session dives into how Indiana uses data to tackle healthcare workforce shortages and improve access to care. Explore interactive dashboards that pinpoint key data points, and discover real-world examples of data-driven programs like loan repayment, targeted nursing education, and initiatives to address infant and maternal mortality. Leave with actionable insights to make better healthcare decisions in your own community.

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Indiana Pregnancy Promise Program's Data Journey
Presenter: Matthew Dukeshire, Data Scientist, Indiana Family & Social Services Administration

Join the Indiana FSSA Data & Analytics team to explore the data-driven success story of Indiana's Pregnancy Promise Program (IPPP)! This program tackles opioid use disorder (OUD) in mothers and improves infant health outcomes through Medicaid case management. But managing the program and meeting federal reporting requirements for the MOM Model brought immense data challenges. This session dives into IPPP's innovative solutions:

  • Building a secure, in-house web app with RShiny for real-time data collection by case managers.
  • Developing data engineering solutions for enrollment and program management.
  • Leveraging Azure for secure data storage and federal reporting.
  • Unveiling data insights that reshape IPPP priorities and processes.
  • Examining health outcomes through linkage with Medicaid claims.
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The INPRS Journey Towards Master Data Management
Presenter: Angel Wilfong, Director of Information Management, Indiana Public Retirement System with partners from KPMG

Join the Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS) as they share their journey towards mastering their data, including where they were, where they are now and how they got there. Also get a glimpse of where they we plan to go in the future. INPRS will share practical insights on what has worked for them and include lessons learned.

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