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Senior Database Administrator
Indianapolis, IN 
Posted: May 1, 2023

Job Responsibilities

  1. Provides operational support for the database ensuring data integrity, database availability, and performance;
  2. Assists in formulating and defining system scopes and objectives through research and fact-finding based on a basic understanding of user needs, business systems and industry requirements;
  3. Implements and maintains database catalogs and dictionaries;
  4. Provides overall monitoring of the standards, procedures and integration of systems through database design;
  5. Assists in the analysis of business and user needs, documents requirements and revises existing system logic difficulties;
  6. Establishes and maintains strategic partnerships with assigned customers in order to help them meet their business and technical needs;
  7. Assists in the development of strategic plans based on customer needs;
  8. Assists in devising or modifying procedures to solve problems considering telecommunication and computer equipment capacity and limitations, operating time, and form of desired results;
  9. Assists in the delivery of technical business solutions and products to customers;
  10. Assists in meeting expectations of customers, peers, vendors, and management;
  11. Assists customers in evaluation, procurement and implementation of technical business systems solutions and products
  12. Consults with and makes recommendations to Business Consultancy/Planning, Project Management and associate user groups to define information processing requirements, evaluate technology needs and formulate solutions;
  13. Evaluates technology and products to determine the feasibility of adding to agency standards;
  14. Develops work plans for assigned projects and supervises their execution;
  15. Provides guidance and reviews the work of team members on special projects;
  16. Facilitates discussions for long-term planning implementation;
  17. Identifies and explores the potential strategies for long-term planning implementation;
  18. Serves as project lead for software products;
  19. Works with and provides guidance to information systems personnel or user agencies for maximum computer utilization;
  20. Trains and provides technical assistance to other database analyst staff;
  21. Provides documentation for data modeling and analytical views;
  22. Develops data models and analytical views for end user consumption
  23. Facilitates discussions with Agencies to determine technical requirements f;or database design;
  24. Utilize technology of both the DBMS and the operating system chosen for the data warehouse or data mart;
  25. Utilize software and utilities related to supported DBMS such as Reorg, Backup, Recovery, Load, Unload;
  26. Performs capacity planning and disaster recovery;
  27. Performs relational database and/or data warehouse design techniques and dimensional modeling processes;
  28. Utilizes computer hardware/software capabilities and configurations;
  29. Utilizes computer programming, including computer languages and testing of programs;
  30. Utilizes data communications, including networking, database connectivity, and communications server;
  31. Stays informed with most recent technical developments in the database administration field;
  32. Performs logic analysis;
  33. Manages multiple hardware/software projects and priorities;
  34. Analyzes, communicates and recommends future needs and direction for agency’s data processing software/hardware environment;
  35. Utilizes relational database and/or data warehouse design techniques and dimensional modeling processes;
  36. Encourages and influence others to perform;
  37. Read and understand complicated technical manuals;
  38. Communicates effectively, both orally and in writing;
  39. Applies theories, principles and methodologies to existing computer software;
  40. Writes complex database computer programs, macros, scripts, etc.;
  41. Coordinates the work of others; and
  42. Performs related duties as assigned

Requires: Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Information Systems, or related field.

Send resume to: 
Ashley Hungate, State of Indiana-Management Performance Hub, 100 N. Senate Ave., Ste. N855, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or email

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