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Indiana Data Partnership

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Initial Partners: MPH, Indiana Business Research Center, IU Public Policy Institute, The Polis Center of IUPUI.

MPH, Partners launched the Indiana Data Partnership July 18

IDP Logo Initial efforts focus on combatting the opioid epidemic and improving education and workforce development initiatives for Hoosiers

The Indiana Data Partnership (IDP) is launching to empower collaboration among government, non-profit and private sector entities to drive positive change in key challenges impacting Hoosiers.

Current focus areas include combatting the opioid epidemic and improving education and workforce development. The partnership serves these vital community needs by developing an integrated, scalable and collaborative decision-driving framework designed to increase the availability and utility of existing data among participating partners.

IDP is an enhancement to the State of Indiana’s Management Performance Hub (MPH), which provides data analytics solutions tailored to address management and policy questions enabling improved outcomes for Hoosiers. Formed in partnership with Indiana University (IU), this enhancement expands MPH’s mission by creating a secure, replicable and sustainable framework that helps organizations successfully partner to maximize holistic solutions and minimize duplication of efforts through sharing and viewing common data. Another benefit is the creation of better visualizations of organizations’ service networks.

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