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COVID-19 Data

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MPH Helps Indiana Fight COVID-19 with Data

In a time of uncertainty and slow-down for some, MPH has increased work production, providing data that is driving decision making for the State of Indiana’s COVID-19 response. Whether supporting dashboards, studies or collaborative initiatives, MPH continues to bring #DataToThePeople.

“Because of our existing relationships with state agencies and external organizations, MPH has been able to foster collaboration and meaningful engagement from early on in the COVID-19 response,” said Josh Martin, Indiana Chief Data Officer and MPH Director. “This has allowed for quicker turn-around times on data requests and visualizations that would have taken much longer without an existing structure in place.”

Examples of our work include publishing COVID-19-specific datasets on the Indiana Data Hub, supporting the ISDH COVID-19 dashboards at and support for Regenstrief’s hospital-centric response dashboards.

"The work MPH has put into building out the State’s data infrastructure has allowed us and our partners to mobilize quickly in response to COVID-19 and use data to drive our decisions in a meaningful way,” said Martin. “The great thing is that this agile model can be used in multiple future scenarios, including guiding the State to its new normal.”

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Find COVID-19 data on the Indiana Data Hub

The Indiana Data Hub is your home to explore the data behind Indiana's COVID-19 response. There are currently 22 different datasets on the Hub including vaccine data, demographics data, hospitalization data,  long term care data, school data and of course case, testing and death data.  Below are a sample on what you'll find on the Hub.

See the available datasets on the Indiana Data Hub

COVID-19 Case Data

This dataset includes the number of Indiana COVID-19 cases stratified by report date, county of residence, age group and sex.
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COVID-19 Cases by ZIP code

This dataset includes confirmed COVID-19 cases, total populations & percent of total population by ZIP code.
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COVID-19 Case Demographics

This dataset includes the number of Indiana COVID-19 cases and deaths by age group, gender, race and ethnicity. State population percentages are provided by 2019 U.S. Census Bureau Population Estimate Program.
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COVID-19 Vaccines by Date

This dataset includes the number of Vaccination data by county and region, by date. Please see notes on the dataset page for any historical updates.
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COVID-19 Hospital Data: Beds and Vents

This dataset includes the number of ICU beds and ventilators in use for COVID-19 patients and non-COVID-19 patients statewide. It also reflects the number of ICU beds and ventilators available statewide.
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All MPH Projects

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Visit the Indiana DATA Hub

Browse and download the State of Indiana’s publicly-available datasets to gain insight into current data trends around the state.

Visit the Indiana Data Hub

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