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The Indiana Management Performance Hub (MPH) set out to change the culture of how state agencies worked together and how they interact with external partners. MPH combines a collaborative and innovative approach with industry-leading technical innovation to facilitate data-driven decision making and data-informed policy making.

It was an award-winning year for MPH in 2020!

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Improve the quality of life for Hoosiers with data, innovation and collaboration.


To be a partner with government and civic organizations that:

  • empowers innovation,
  • enables use of valuable open data, and
  • maintains data privacy and stewardship at the highest level.

Our Goals

  • Becoming the highest performing state government through the use of data-driven decision making.
  • Providing world-class data science and analytics capabilities to our partners to help inform and solve policy challenges.
  • Providing a platform to be the data hub for Indiana governments and citizens to foster transparency and problem solving.
  • Providing Hoosiers with a return on investment in MPH by developing new revenue streams through leveraging of the MPH platform.
  • Providing the backbone to help make Indiana become a national leader in data analytics and science and helping foster economic development in Indiana.

Use Case/User Story

For MPH’s work to be successful, it is critical to understand how the data at issue can be leveraged to inform an issue. The vast amount of data managed by the State of Indiana holds immense value for a diverse variety of users. In order to effectively identify and deliver data for meaningful use, use cases must be developed to clearly capture the end users’ needs and intended applications. Matching the data need of an individual end user to the most appropriate corresponding data requires three essential components:

User Story. The user story is a specific application of the data unique to a single end user. The intended applications of the data by each individual end user is captured in a user story.

Use Case. The use case is a general topic area that reflects a common data need by any number of end users. Under a single use case, multiple end users may apply the same data differently.

Dataset. The dataset is a collection of fields that meet the common need of the use case. Data required to meet the needs of a use case, therefore, is not limited to a single user or user story.

Use case and user story chart

User Story Example

I am...
At a...
I want to...
So I can...
Clinical Data AnalystCritical Access Hospital

Compare rates of patient compliance by provider for conditions such as diabetes;

  1. Track and compare provider performance.
  2. Identify compliance issues.
  3. Intervene with additional provider training and/or resources.
  4. Develop best practices for provider training.

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