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Animal Bites Reporting and Information

Information on animal bites and  Rabies

According to Indiana Law, all animal bites are to be reported to the Local Health Department. If you are bitten by any animal, whether a pet, stray, or wild animal:

  1. REPORT THE INCIDENT by calling (765) 973-9245  ext. 1286
  2. The biting animal must be quarantined for 10 days and checked for annual rabies vaccines
  3. According to State law, any dog, cat, or ferret 3 months of age or older must be vaccinated against rabies with an annual or triennial rabies vaccine by a licensed veterinarian
  4. If the animal has not had its rabies shot the owner will be given 10 additional days to get it

Wild animals or strays may be tested for rabies when necessary if captured. The health department does not capture any animals.

The Wayne County Health Department monitors the spread of rabies in Wayne County by following trends in rabies transmission and the migration of animals that may possibly harbor the deadly disease.

Luke Reimsnyder

765-973-9245 ext  1286