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Public Health Nursing

Deb Mazura
Public Health Nurse

  • Hours of Operation

    By Appointment
    Please call (765) 832-3622 for appointment availabilities TODAY!!!

    Every Thursday from  4:30-7:30pm and the second Saturday 9-12.

  • Immunizations Offered
    Childhood Immunizations
    Flu VaccineDTap
    TdapPolio (IPV)
    MMRRotavirus (Rotarix)
    DTap/IPVHepatitis A
    MeningococcalHepatitis B
    Meningococcal BGardasil 9 (HPV)
    Adult Immunizations
    FluGardasil 9 (HPV)
    Hepatitis APneumococcal 20
    Hepatitis BPrevnar 13
    Hepatitis A/B ComboTdap
  • What To Bring
    • Current Immunization record
    • Children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. If a parent is unable to accompany the child to an appointment they should call the office to provide information on who will be accompanying the child and provide verbal authorization along with written consent for the individual to bring the child to the clinic.
    • Medicaid/Medicare, or Private Insurance Card
    • Valid Photo I.D. Card
  • Missing Immunization Record

    If you or your child's immunization record has been misplaced there are several places you could attempt to retrieve a copy. If your child has recently attended public school in the state of Indiana, his/her records may be available on the Children and Hoosiers Immunization Registry Program (CHIRP). Another option is to check with the facility where vaccines were administered. Also, schools keep immunization records for students for several years (even after graduation). If you were in the military, your military records may contain a record of vaccines received.

    If you are still unable to locate a vaccine record, and you require proof of vaccination, you may need to repeat vaccines or have a blood test done, called a titer, which can be used as proof of immunity. This blood test would need to be ordered by a physician, and our facility is unable to do this type of testing.

  • Nursing Services Offered
    • Childhood Immunizations - Birth to 18 years
    • Adult Immunizations
    • Seasonal Flu Clinics
    • Health Education/Promotion
    • TB Skin Testing
    • Lead Case Management
    • The Vermillion County Health Department administers childhood immunizations through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program for children ages 0 - 18 years who meet one of the following requirements:
      • Medicaid or Hoosier Healthwise
      • No Insurance
      • Native American or Alaskan Native
      • Under-Insured
  • TB Skin Testing


    $15 Cash or Check


    TB tests are done by appointment only.

    For more information about TB