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Mobile Clinic

Upcoming Mobile Clinic Events

Can’t make it to an event? Call 574-235-9750 x 5 to make an appointment at our permanent clinic in either South Bend or Mishawaka.

Adult Immunizations

AIDS Ministries/ AIDS Assist
201 S William St, SB 46601
April 12th,
Pre-register at
Walk ins available
If you have insurance, please bring your card. Insurance not required.

Childhood Immunizations & Lead screenings

1Roof Southeast Neighborhood Center
405 E Dubail Ave, S.B. 46613
Wednesdays 9am-1pm
April 5
May 3
May 31

The BABE Store
125 N Lafayette Blvd, SB, 46601
Thursdays 1pm-5pm
April 6
May 4
June 1

Pre-register at
Walk ins available.
If your child has insurance, please bring their card. Insurance not required.