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Pests & Vectors

Some pests in St. Joseph County have the potential to spread disease to humans and are known as vectors. In order to control pests effectively and prevent the possible spread of vector-borne disease, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) must be applied. IPM uses a simple approach that includes the following concepts:

  • Don’t attract pests.
  • Keep pests out.
  • Get rid of pests safely and effectively if they are present.

The Department of Health will investigate complaints involving residences that are infested with pests that can spread disease to humans. Please note that the Department of Health does not treat disease-spreading pests but can order the property owner to treat them.

  • Bed bugs are not known to spread disease to humans and are considered a nuisance pest. The Department of Health does not investigate bed bug complaints.
  • Cockroaches and Rodents have potential to spread disease, but in certain circumstances, so please call for more information.
  • Complaints regarding mosquitoes are taken case-by-case. The Department of Health will respond to complaints regarding stagnant swimming pools or other potential mosquito breeding habitats.
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