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The St. Joseph County Department of Health does not have a mold ordinance; therefore, there is very little we can do to assist residents. Here are some resources to help with mold.

  • Mold is a very common fungus that is present everywhere. It is present in nearly every breath we take.
  • Mold will grow wherever there is enough moisture and a source of food (such as paper) present.
  • Most mold is black or brown in color.
  • It is very rare for mold to affect health. It must be a very rare mold and the person must be highly sensitive to it.
  • Mold can be easily eliminated by first washing the area with soap and water and then wiping it with a diluted bleach solution. This will kill the mold.
  • After you kill the mold, you must completely dry out the area with a dehumidifier or a fan and eliminate the source of the water.
  • To eliminate mold in bathrooms, open windows or turn on the bathroom exhaust fan after showering.

People with asthma, allergies, a compromised immune system, or other breathing conditions may be more sensitive to mold. In rare circumstances, the Department of Health will respond to complaints involving mold. For more information on how to get rid of mold, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to see additional resources.

More on how to get rid of mold

** If you have a note from your physician stating that the mold in your home is aggravating an underlying health condition, we may be able to come and assess for mold. **