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Bed Bugs

We understand that bed bugs are very irritating and difficult to get rid of, but they do not transmit disease so the Department of Health does not address them. Bed bugs are not capable of transmitting disease and are therefore considered a nuisance pest. The Department of Health will not respond to bed bug complaints.

  • Either you or your landlord will need to perform a routine spraying program by a licensed pesticide applicator. It may take several applications to totally get rid of them.
  • You will need to enclose your mattress and box springs with zipped covers which can be purchased at most large discount stores.
  • You will need to frequently wash all cloth products, including curtains, blankets, sheets, and clothes, in hot water and dry them on high heat at 140 degrees for 20 minutes.

For further information about Bed Bugs please visit the EPA site or the Complete Guide to Impact, Identification, and Treatment of Bed Bugs.