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Obtain Records

Obtain Records within Miami County Indiana

This office does not conduct searches for call-in requests. Nor is it possible to conduct these searches online. To obtain a record, you must either stop in during normal business hours or mail in our request form along with a copy of your driver's license. We only have certificates for births and deaths that occurred in Miami County.

For Genealogy requests, You will need to provide us with as much information as you have. We will need the name, date, and place the event occurred. For early births most generally the child was not named so we have only the parents' name and date to go by. We must have a time period of 5 years to begin a search (1897 - 1902 for example). For genealogy searches, we do not refund your fee if we search for the record and find nothing.


False application, altering, mutilating, or counterfeiting Indiana birth certificates is a criminal offense under I.C. 16-37-1-12.