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Railroad Camp Car Fees

Article IV - Application & Permit Fees

Prior to the issuance of any permit, each permittee shall first tender to the Treasurer of Miami County, Indiana, a fee or fees, which shall be deposited into the Miami County Board General Fund for each such operation in accordance with the classification as established in the following schedule of fees.

  • 1-10 total cars in the Mobile Camp System $465
  • 11-20 total cars in the Mobile Camp System $620
  • 21 or more total cars in Mobile Camp System $775

If upon application, the total numbers of cars submitted and paid for are not correct as determined upon actual on-site inspection and the actual total number of cars is higher, the late fee of $250 will automatically be assessed in addition to the difference between the feed paid and the fee owed based on the actual number of cars, and payment will be required within 24 business hours. If unpaid, the Mobile Camp will be immediately closed upon the expiration of that 24-hour period.