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Permit Fees & Expiration Dates

Fees are subject to change without notice.

Food PermitsFee
Annual Permit$150.00
Annual Permit After June 30$75.00
Code Book$7.50
Code CD$1.00
Temporary (Max)$75.00
Temporary Per Day$25.00
Septic PermitsFee
Connect New Home to Existing System$200.00
Installer Retest After 30 Days$10.00
Installer Test$50.00
New home and Septic construction$200.00
Permit Replacement (Voided Permit)$50.00
Repair / Replace Septic (Existing Home)$150.00
Well PermitsFees
Residential New & Existing$100.00
Swimming Pool PermitsFee
Annual (May 1 to April 30)$200.00
Seasonal (Less 6 months)$150.00
Tattoo PermitsFee
Artist (Each)$200.00
Establishment Annual$750.00
Temporary (7 Days or Less)$100.00