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Illegal Drug Labs

If you suspect a met lab on or near your property, contact local law enforcement immediately. In Miami County, call either 911 or the Anonymous Meth Hotline at 800-453-4756.

Meth labs can be set up just about anyplace inside or out including; homes, motels, abandoned buildings, and even vehicles. The manufacture of meth, known as cooking, leaves behind chemical residues which can be harmful to health. The cooking process itself can also be dangerous.

Before someone tries to use property that housed a meth lab, complete cleanup is necessary. It is not considered safe for a property owner to do this themselves, instead, the work should be performed by experienced hazardous materials contractors.

Did You Know?

  • Property owners are responsible for any decontamination costs.
  • Half of all residential drug labs are found on rental property.
  • Decontamination costs average around $6,500 for a 1,200 square-foot home.

Cleaning Up Former Drug Labs (PDF) - View a document that explains how to clean up former drug labs.

How to Tell if a Property was Used as a Meth Lab - If you currently own a property or want to buy property, there are a number of ways that you can tell if there had been an illegal drug lab on the site.

Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup - See information about the cleanup and inspection of illegal drug labs.

SOP for Methamphetamine Labs (PDF) - Find information about SOP for methamphetamine labs.

Tips for Landlords - Half of all residential drug labs are found on a rental property, and the property owner is responsible for the decontamination costs. The tips on the page are designed to take some of the risks out of renting.