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Health First Howard County


Health First Howard County Initiative:

Howard County prioritizes public health for a thriving community.

The Board of Commissioners recognizes the crucial role of public health in building a healthier Howard County and improving residents' quality of life. They strongly support initiatives that maintain and strengthen core public health services at the county level, prioritizing local input and flexibility to effectively address community needs.

A healthy community is a thriving community and the key to achieving that lies in ensuring everyone has access to basic public health services. No matter where you live in Howard County, you deserve equal opportunity to enjoy good health. That's why we believe these services are best delivered at the local level, by those who have their finger on the pulse of their communities and understand their unique needs.

Great news for Howard County!

Thanks to state funding, the Howard County Health Department is launching a grant program to boost community health.

Individuals and organizations can now apply for funding to support essential services like:

  • Vaccinations to keep residents protected from preventable diseases
  • Disease prevention programs to stop the spread of illness
  • Maternal and child health initiatives to ensure healthy families
  • Chronic disease management resources to help people live well with ongoing conditions
  • Mental health services to promote emotional well-being

This initiative is all about:

  • Protecting the health of everyone in Howard County
  • Filling gaps in crucial health services
  • Building stronger, healthier communities for all

Ready to make a difference? Apply for a grant today and help make Howard County an even healthier place to live!

How To Apply for a Health First Howard County Grant:

We've launched a new grant program to support public health initiatives in Howard County, funded by the Indiana State Local Public Health Fund. To help you get started, we've created comprehensive program guidance documents available below. Be sure to review them carefully before submitting your application. Applications are due on September 1st, 2024, so don't miss your chance to make a difference in our community!

Grant Overview and Budget Application