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Playback Equipment

The Machine Lending Section of the Indiana Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is responsible for distributing, maintaining, and keeping up to date records on all playback equipment necessary to read the recorded materials provided by the Talking Book and Braille Library and the Subregional Libraries. This equipment may be borrowed on extended loan for as long as the borrower is using the equipment to read materials provided by the Indiana Talking Books Program. In the event that a machine ceases to function properly or needs repair, it should be returned to the library at:

Talking Book and Braille Library
140 North Senate Avenue 
Indianapolis, IN  46204-2296

with a note enclosed stating the problem and requesting a replacement. Equipment is shipped to patrons in boxes with a mailing card that can be turned over to return it to the library. If the original box is no longer available, any box may be used writing "Free Matter for the Blind and Handicapped" where postage normally is placed on the upper right hand corner of the container. Another machine will be provided by the library. Under no circumstances should a borrower attempt to repair the playback equipment or

Equipment available for extended loan includes:

1. Digital Talking Book Player – Standard model

The digital talking book player is used to play audiobooks stored on a specialized USB flash-drive cartridge.  The primary features to start and stop the book and move to reading position are the play/stop, rewind and fast forward controls.  Additional features include volume and tone controls and a sleep feature allowing playback settings for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  The player contains an internal battery with a service life of approximately 35 hours of play time and a power cord.

2.  Digital Talking Book Player – Advanced model

In addition to the features found on the standard model digital player, the advanced model includes navigation features which allow readers to move through the book by chapter, heading etc. and you are able to set bookmarks.

3. Cassette Player - Standard

This cassette player permits readers to control the playback speed of cassette books, review or fast forward. It has a built-in battery which allows up to six hours of operation without being plugged into a standard electrical outlet to recharge it.  It is a player only--it does not record. Readers can play both commercial and talking-book cassettes.

TBBL MA 2-9-2010