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Patron Manual

Table of Contents:

1.   Library Locations and Hours
2.   Facts about the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library
3.   Available Collections
4.   Service Overview
5.   Reader Advisor Services
6.   Youth Services
7.   Indiana Insights
8.   Indiana Voices
9.   BARD—Braille and Audio Reading Downloads
10. BARD Mobile
11. Magazine on Cartridge (MOC) program
12. NFB-Newsline
13. Accessing Bookshelf Mode on your NLS Digital Player
14. Loan Periods
15. How Patrons Receive and Return Materials
16. Damaged Materials
17. Ordering Books
18. Loan Policy of the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library

Locations and Hours

Indiana Regional Library:

Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library
Indiana State Library
140 North Senate Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Monday through Friday:   8:00 am—4:30 pm
Closed for state holidays

Contact information:
Toll Free: 1-800-622-4970
Local: 1-317-232-3684
Email address:
Online catalog:

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Facts about the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library:

* Provides library service to over 6,000 Hoosiers
* Circulates over 250,000 items each year
* Has been a part of the Indiana State Library since the library was built in 1934
* Provides free audio, Braille, and large print materials to patrons.
* Sponsors a children’s Summer Reading Club
* Hosts the biennial annual Indiana Vision Expo  

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Available Collections:

Materials available to patrons of the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library include:

* 12,000 digital audio book titles available on cartridge
* 35,000 digital audio book titles available for download through BARD
* 19,000 Braille book titles
* 11,000 Braille titles available for download through BARD
* 16,000 large print titles
* Indiana Voices—a recording program producing Indiana related books and magazines
* NLS Magazine on Cartridge program
* Braille magazines

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Service Overview:

Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library Services include:

* Reader Advisory service
* Youth services
* Indiana Insights, the newsletter of the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library
* Indiana Voices, a local recording program for books about Indiana or by Indiana Authors
* NFB-Newsline, a newspaper reading service
* Braille and Audio Reading Downloads (BARD)
* Magazine on Cartridge (MOC) Program

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Read Advisor Services:

Each patron of the Talking Book and Braille Library has an assigned Reader Advisor. Contact your Reader Advisor if:
* You want to request books or magazines
* You want information about titles, subjects, or authors
* You want to read a particular book series in chronological order
* You have questions about downloading books from BARD
* You have questions about ordering books through IN-PAC
* You need your User ID and Password
* You stop receiving materials
* Your player does not work properly
* Your player is lost or stolen
* Your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address changes
* You wish to have your service put on hold
* You have materials or equipment you are not using
* You wish to discontinue service

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Youth Services:

* The library collection includes digital audio, large print, and Braille material for children of all ages.
* Each summer, the Youth Services department of the library hosts a summer reading program for patrons from the ages of 4-18.
* Regular updates about the library and available services are given to teachers throughout Indiana via the Visions newsletter produced by the Indiana Education Resource Center (IERC).

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Indiana Insights:

Indiana Insights is the newsletter of the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library.  It provides updates to patrons about new services available, changes in services, and upcoming events of interest.  It is available to patrons in large print or Braille, on a digital cartridge, on our website, or by e-mail.

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Indiana Voices:

The Indiana Voices program at the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library is a local recording program for books of interest to Indiana residents.  Books about Indiana and by Indiana authors are recorded that otherwise would not be available to patrons through the Talking Book program.  Books recorded include biographies, history, westerns, classics, and romance.  To sign up to receive books from this program, please contact your Reader Advisor.

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BARD—The Braille and Audio Reading Download service:

As a Talking Book patron you have access to over 100,000 downloadable audio books, magazines, music scores, and web-Braille titles.
To download books, you will need access to a high-speed internet connection, a valid email-address, and basic knowledge of downloading items from the internet, unzipping files, and transferring files to a flash drive.
To register for BARD access, visit  Once there, select the link that says “Bard application instructions”.  You will then select the link to the “BARD application for Individuals”.  From there select your home library (if you are unsure which library to select, please feel free to contact us).  Next fill in and submit the application and await approval.  Once approved, you can begin downloading books.
Books can be played on your NLS player using a standard flash drive.

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BARD Mobile:

BARD Mobile is an app for iOS and Android devices available for free through the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store.  With BARD Mobile, you can download and listen to BARD books directly from your mobile device.

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Magazine on Cartridge (MOC) Program

The Magazine on Cartridge Program is a magazine subscription program run through the National Library Service.  All active patrons are eligible to receive magazines as a part of this program.  There are currently around 40 digital magazines offered as part of this program.  

* You will receive one cartridge containing your magazine subscriptions, either weekly, monthly, or as new magazines are available.
* It is important to read your magazines immediately and get them returned, as having repeated overdue magazines could jeopardize your standing in the MOC program.
* All magazines available through this program are also available to download from BARD. 
* Magazines are sent to patrons on a light blue cartridge and are in a red mailing container, which has a distinctive embossed logo.  The magazines are sent from APH in Missouri and should be returned there using the mailing card.
* Please be sure not to send library books back in the red containers as they will be sent to Missouri; it is highly unlikely that these books will ever make their way back to Indiana and will therefore be permanently lost.

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The Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library offers NFB-NEWSLINE®, a touch-tone telephone service for patrons who cannot read a printed newspaper. NFB-NEWSLINE® reads aloud the text from newspapers across the country. This service is available toll-free statewide.  Currently there are 8 Indiana newspapers available on Newsline as well as a selection of national papers and magazines.

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Accessing Bookshelf Mode on your NLS Digital Player:

To read cartridges with multiple books you will need to use the player’s bookshelf mode.  To do so, follow these steps:
1. Turn the player on and insert the cartridge.
2. Hold down the green “play/stop” button for ten seconds or until your player beeps and says “bookshelf mode”.
3. Once in bookshelf mode, you can use the “fast forward” and “rewind” buttons of the player to scroll through the books or magazines recorded on the cartridge.
4. Once you have located the item you wish to read, press the green “play/stop” button again and it will start to play.

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Loan Periods:

Our goal is to provide you with your preferred reading material on a regular basis. Returning items as soon as you are finished with them, rather than waiting to return all of your books at once, will guarantee you a steady supply of books.

* Your reader advisor will work with you to decide on what is an appropriate number of books for you to have at a time.
* The standard loan period for materials sent from the library is 30 days.  Materials may be renewed once for a further 30 day period.
* Magazines sent as a part of the NLS Magazine on Cartridge program have a loan period of 1 week (for weekly magazines) to 1 month (for monthly magazines).  If you are unsure of the circulation period of magazines, please feel free to contact us. 
* There will never be any fine for overdue materials.
There are several ways patrons can chose to receive materials:
* On Demand—Items are sent only when you call the library and request them.
* Request List—You let us know specific books or authors you would like to receive.  Each time the library receives an item back in the mail from you, an item from your request list or favorite author list is sent in its place.  If you run out of items on your request list, no books will be sent to you.
* Auto-select—You let us know your favorite authors and subjects, the computer sends you books based on those.  Each time you return a book, the computer selects a book that matches your listed preferences to send in its place.

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How Patrons Receive and Return Materials:

Materials from the Talking Book and Braille Library will arrive with a reversible mailing label located within a label holder on the outside of the container.
* All books are mailed in a re-usable mailing container; materials must be removed from their containers before using them.
* A circular-punched hole will be in the bottom right-hand side of the mail card when you receive it.
* When you are finished with an item, turn the mailing label over so that the circular punched hole is in the bottom left-hand corner.
* Please make every possible effort to return the correct book in the correct mailing container.
* If you end up with loose library material (a cartridge with no container), it can be returned to the library in a regular or padded envelope.

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Damaged Materials:

If an item is damaged or defective when you receive it, or if it becomes damaged while you are using it, follow these steps:

* Notify the library of any defective material if you would like to receive a replacement copy.
* Mark the “Defective Book” box located directly above the circular-punched hole on the left side of the card.  A note letting us know what exactly is wrong with the book is also helpful.
* If you receive a digital book that starts at the end of the book, the book may need to be rewound.  Pressing the “play / stop” button twice should start the book from the beginning.  You can also hold down the “rewind” button to rewind the book.  If this doesn’t work, you can contact the library for a replacement book. 
* Return defective materials to the library using the reversible mail card like other books.

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Ordering Books:

There are several ways to order books from the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library.

* NLS Catalogs—Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Review are bimonthly publications of NLS that contain annotations of new book releases.  Each catalog comes with an order form that patrons can fill out and send to their library.  Books will then be sent to patrons from these request lists.
* Auto-Select—Let us know what subjects you are interested in and the computer will automatically select books to send to you based on these interests. 
* Reader Advisors—Each patron is assigned a reader advisor who is available to help you pick specific books.
* IN-PAC—The online catalog of the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library allows patrons to search for and order books online.  To request your username and password for this service, please contact your Reader Advisor.

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Loan Policy of the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library

The following policies govern the circulation of books and equipment to eligible blind and/or physically handicapped readers of the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library.

Eligible readers who borrow materials from the library accept responsibility for using materials with reasonable care, returning them to the lending agency according to established loan policies, and not losing or damaging them through negligence. Violation of this policy can result in suspension of some or all library services.


Braille, large print, and recorded books along with specialized playback equipment will be loaned by this library to eligible registered readers without charge, and this library will keep records of all such loans. The borrower should notify the library of changes of address, a desire to cancel the service, or temporary or permanent transfer of service to another geographic area.  To remain active, a patron must borrow one book or subscribe to one magazine per year.

Equipment necessary to read the recorded materials may be borrowed on extended loan for as long as the borrower is using it to read materials provided by the library. In the event that a machine ceases to function properly or needs repair, it should be returned to the library, and a replacement player will be provided. Under no circumstances should a borrower attempt to repair the playback equipment or accessories.

The number of books a patron may have charged out to him or her at one time will be worked out between the patron and the Reader Advisor.  A patron who has a record of returning books promptly may request an increase in the maximum number.

For each book returned in each format, a replacement book will be sent to the borrower.  The loan period for books is 30 days for individuals and 60 days for institutions.  No fines for overdue books will be levied; however, borrowers are urged to observe the loan period so books can be available for other readers.

The borrower will ensure that books, magazines, and equipment being returned to the library by free matter are delivered into the hands of the United States Postal Service by being placed in a mailbox or delivered to the post office. Placing them on the doorstep of the borrower's home for the mail carrier to pick up does not constitute delivery into the hands of the postal service and, if problems arise by use of this method, the borrower is responsible for the lost or damaged books.

Borrowers may not lend library books, magazines, or equipment to other persons.

In case of repeated verbal abuse of library staff by a borrower, in-person or telephone, service to that borrower may be suspended by the library.

Suspension Procedures

In the event that any of these policies are violated repeatedly, the borrower's service may be suspended for a period of time after being given a written warning and an opportunity to reply. If after reinstatement of service, abuse continues, service may be suspended again.

In the event of suspension, the following steps will be taken:

1. The library will first discuss the problem noted with the patron by telephone or in person, then will send a warning letter that summarizes the discussion and the problem and provides an opportunity for the patron to reply.
2. If service abuse recurs, a second written communication will be sent to the patron citing the earlier warning letter, listing examples of subsequent abuse, giving the patron an opportunity to reply by a certain date, and then suspending the service for a stated period (up to 6 months). A specific date for resumption of service will be included in this letter.
3. When the service is resumed, a letter will be sent to the borrower notifying him/her of the resumption of the service and reminding the patron that further recurrences will result in another suspension of service as it relates to the documented abuse.

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