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Braille E-readers

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Refreshable Braille Devices

Refreshable braille displays, or eReaders, are devices with small pins that electronically move up and down through holes representing a braille cell. Users move their fingers across the cells as if they were reading braille on paper. Braille notetakers are portable devices with built-in refreshable braille displays that connect to software applications.

The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) has been authorized to loan refreshable braille displays to eligible readers. The NLS Braille eReader allows NLS patrons to read electronic braille files (BRFs) as well as Word files, HTML files, DAISY files, and PDF files. The unit has 20 braille cells, a Perkins-style keyboard, 16GB of internal memory, and the ability to use an SD card and a USB drive for external storage.

It connects to Wi-Fi so that braille files can be downloaded directly from BARD and has Bluetooth capability so patrons can connect directly to a smartphone and read the info on the screen in braille.  It also can connect to a computer so that the information on the screen will be displayed on the braille display. Other features include a braille translation application and settings to display files in uncontracted and contracted braille. It can connect directly to NFB Newsline. Its navigational capability includes searching for a passage and moving by sentence, paragraph, and volume.

NLS also shares information on Braille Readers, some of which are compatible with braille books from NLS.

To request a braille e-reader contact the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library at, 317-232-3684 or 800-622-4970.

TB JG 3-27-2023