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Application Recommendations

Read the Five-Year Plan
LSTA sub-grants are awarded to reach LSTA objectives set out in the Five-Year Plan.

Review Past Grant Awards
Review the types of projects that have received LSTA sub-grants in the past.

Review Example Applications

The following applications serve as good examples of how an LSTA application should be prepared.

Learn OBPE
The IMLS and the Indiana State Library encourage applicants to design their grant programs using Outcomes Based Planning & Evaluation (OBPE). A free self-paced tutorial at the Shaping Outcomes website will walk you through the process of planning an evaluative user-centered project. While not a requirement for application, an understanding of OBPE will help you complete your application and will make your application more competitive.

Review the Information for Institutional Libraries if Applicable
Read this overview on LSTA grants in institutional libraries to see how an LSTA grant might benefit your institution.

Ask Questions
If you have questions about the LSTA sub-grants program, view the answers to our Sub-Grant Frequently Asked Questions
or contact LSTA Grant Consultant Angela Fox at (317) 234-6550, or by e-mail at

Request an Early Review
You may request an advance review of your application by contacting the Library Development Office ( The consultant will make recommendations for improvement but does not approve applications. Applications will be reviewed at the consultant’s discretion as time allows.

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