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Public Library Access Card (PLAC) 

The Public Library Access Card (PLAC) is the name for the statewide library card enacted by the Indiana General Assembly in 1993 (Indiana Code 4-23-7.1-5.1). The PLAC program allows an individual to purchase a card which allows them to borrow materials directly from any public library in Indiana.

Any individual who holds a valid Indiana public library card may obtain a PLAC card. The cost of the card is $65.00 and each card is valid for 12 months after being issued.

The Indiana State Library collects the revenue from the sale of these cards and places it in a designated fund account for the PLAC program.  After the end of the calendar year, the money is distributed back to libraries on the basis of net loans.

The Indiana Library & Historical Board (ILHB) voted unanimously on December 1, 2017 to keep the cost of the Public Library Access Card (PLAC) from at $65 effective January 1, 2018. 

2019 Annual PLAC Fee: $65.00

PLAC Quarterly Report Form
2019 PLAC Sign
PLAC Rules and Guidelines

PLAC Information Booklet (Note: When you print select "Flip on short edge," otherwise teh inside pages will be upside down.)
2017 PLAC Infographic
2018 PLAC Reimbursements

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