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Indiana Share

The Indiana Share program allows a large variety of libraries from around the state to request interlibrary loan materials through the Indiana State Library using ILLiad software.  State Library staff submits the interlibrary loan requests on behalf of the requesting libraries.

Lending libraries that accept the requests ship the materials to requesting libraries via InfoExpress or library-rate postage.

Effective 1 July 2017, the Indiana State Library, at the recommendation of the Resource Sharing Committee, has adopted new guidelines regulating the use of the Indiana Share interlibrary loan service.

Click here to view the new requirements and guidelines for participating Indiana Share Libraries

Links for Current Indiana SHARE users:

You may also contact the Indiana Share coordinator:

Phone:                         (317) 232-3699
Toll Free Number:      (877) 835-0014
E-mail                           Share@library.in.gov
Fax                               (317) 232-0002

Book Clubs:

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