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Coppock Brothers | Excelsior Laundry

Coppock Brothers

Known for its complete interior design and decorator services, Coppock Brothers was founded in 1888 by McClellan and Andrew Coppock. The first location for the business was on the 300 block of Virginia Avenue. Later, the business was moved to Pembroke Arcade, and soon after the turn of the century, it moved to the corner of the Board of Trade Building. In 1925 McClellan Coppock bought his brother's half of the studio.

In 1930 the business moved to 1442 North Meridian Street. In 1966, Coppock Brothers was recognized as one of the oldest interior design studies in the Midwest. After McClellan Coppock retired, his son and daughter-n-law, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Coppock, along with Paul D'Amico, owned and operated the business.

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Excelsior Laundry

Major Taylor, who was a well-known businessman, was proprietor of Excelsior Laundry, located at 2 - 6 South Capitol Avenue. Taylor was a native of Canada, a prominent Mason, and president of Indiana Laundrymen's Association, of the Indianapolis May Musical Festival Association and of the Country Club in 1895. The Excelsior Laundry was located in the Masonic Building and was founded in 1878 by Taylor. It was the first and oldest steam laundry in the state. There were between forty-five and fifty employees at the laundry, which also employed agents in Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio.