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Native American History and Genealogy Resources

This list of resources on Native American history is just a small selection of materialsthat are available here in the different collections of Indiana State Library.  If you don’t find what you need on this list please ask one of our librarians and we will be happy to help you in your research.


Indiana Collection:

American Indian Center of Indiana, Inc. (2006). Snapshot of Native Americans today. Indianapolis, IN:Author.
ISLO 970.1 no. 48

Floyd, M. & Howell, K. (2008). Still here 2008: a pictorial of Indiana's Native American people.
Charleston, SC: BookSurge.
ISLI 970.4 F645s

Gilman, S. C. (1891). Future Indian, a brief treatise on the Indian question. Carlon.
ISLI 970.5 G487F

Harvey, H. (1855). History of the Shawnee Indians, from the year 1681 to 1854, inclusive. Cincinnati, OH: Morgan.
ISLM 970.3 H341H

Indiana American Indian Manpower Council. (1990-1999). Native American Indian owned business directory. Indianapolis: Author.
ISLI 338.7 N278A

Indiana General Assembly. (1836). Memorial of the Legislature of Indiana to obtain the extinguishment of the title of the Pottawatamie and Miami Indians to lands in that state, and the removal of said Indians from that state. Washington, DC: Gales & Seaton.
ISLO 970.1 no. 14

Jones, W. C. (1831?). A statement of the facts and law in regard to the unpaid demands of George C.
Johnson, of Ohio, and Ewings and Clymer, of Missouri, against the government of the United States, originating in debts due them from the Shawnee Indians : also, Memorial of R.W. Thompson, of the State of Indiana, in reference to a debt due him by the same nation of Indians. Washington, DC.
ISLO 970.1 no. 1

McCoy, I. (1827). Remarks on the practicability of Indian reform, embracing their colonization. Boston: Lincoln & Edmands.
ISLO 970.1 no. 8

McDonald, D. (1899). Removal of the Pottawattomie Indians from northern Indiana; embracing also a brief statement of the Indian policy of the government, and other historical matter relating to the Indian question. Plymouth, IN: D. McDonald & Co.
[Vault] ISLV 977.2 M135

Moore, P. J. (1891). A treaty of peace between the United States of America and the tribes of Indians called the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawanes, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatimies, Miamis, Eel
River, Weeas, and Kickapoos. Wabash, IN: Author.
ISLO 970.1 no. 50

Miller, J. (1968). Unwritten history: life amongst the Modocs. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Gregg Press.
ISLI 928 M647 1968

Nichols, J. (Ed.). (1975). Potawatomi traditional writing. Milwaukee: Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
ISLO 497 NO. 2

Rhees, M. J. (1959?). The altar of peace: being the substance of a discourse delivered in the Council House, at Greenville, July 5th, 1795, before the officers of the American Army, and Major General Wayne, Commander in Chief, and Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States to treat with the Indian tribes north west of the Ohio. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana Historical Society.
ISLO 252 R469 no. 1

Risher, D. W. (1880). The Indian and white man; or, The Indian in self-defense. Indianapolis: Carlon & Hollenbeck.
ISLI 970.5 R595I

Royce, C. C. (1881). Cessions of land by Indian tribes to the United States. Washington, DC: U.S. Bureau of American Ethnology.
ISLI 970.5 R888C

Storyteller: Eiteljorg Museum members magazine. Indianapolis : Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.
Indiana State Library holdings: v. 4, no. 2 (summer 2009)-v. 4, no. 3 (autumn 2009); v. 5, no. 1 (winter 2010)-v. 7, no. 2 (summer 2012).
ISLI 708 E37s

U.S. Congress. (1832-34). Indian affairs [1789-1827]. Washington, DC.
[q] ISLI 970.1 UN58

U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on Indian Affairs. (1874). Indians in Michigan and Indiana : supplemental memorial of certain Indians residing in Michigan and Indiana, for relief.
Washington, DC: GPO.
ISLO 970.1 no. 30

Genealogy Collection:

Carpenter, C. S. (1987). How to research American Indian blood lines: a manual on Indian genealogical research. Orting, WA: Heritage Quest.
ISLG 929.11 C295h

Duffy, L. B. (Ed.). (1997). Who's looking for whom in Native American ancestry. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books. Indiana State Library holdings: volumes 1 and 2
ISLG 929.11 W628N

Pangburn, R. L. (1993-1996). Indian blood. Louisville, KY: Butler Books.
ISLG 929.11 P191i v.1 Finding your Native American ancestor
ISLG 929.11 P191i v.2 Looking for your Native American ancestor: the hunt continues

General Collection:

Abel, A. H. (1919). American Indian as participant in the Civil War. Cleveland, OH: The Arthur H. Clark Company.
ISLM E540.I3 A2

The American Indian magazine. Cooperstown, NY: Society of American Indians. Indiana State Library holdings: v. 6, no. 4, 1919; v. 7, no. 1-3, 1919.
[P.f.] ISLM 970.1 no 31

Barrows, W. (1887). The Indian's side of the Indian question. Boston: D. Lothrop Company.
ISLM E93 .B27

Cadman, C. W.  (1909). Four American Indian songs. New York: Author.
ISLM 784 C124FA

Cornell, S. (1988). The return of the native: American Indian political resurgence. New York: Oxford University Press.
ISLM E93 .C79 1988

Deloria, V., Jr. & Lytle, C. M. (1983). American Indians, American justice. Austin: University of Texas Press.
ISLM KF8224.C6 D44 1983

Edmonds, J. W. (1837). Report of John W. Edmonds, U.S. Commissioner, on the claims of creditors of the Potawatomie Indians of the Wabash: presented under the treaties made with them ... 1836 and
1837. NY: Author.
[Cage] ISLM 970.5 UN58P

Funk, P. E. (1996). Tribal data directory: federal sources of Native American data for tribal areas. Washington, D.C.: National Indian Policy Center, The George Washington University.
[Data Center] ISLM E98.C3 F85 1996

Giddings, J. R. (1858). Exiles of Florida, or, Crimes [committed] by our government against the maroons. Follett.
[Cage] ISLM 970.5 G453

Harrison, J. B. (1887). The latest studies on Indian reservations. Philadelphia: Indian Rights Association.
ISLM E93 .H31

Hirschfelder, A. B. (Ed.). (2000). Encyclopedia of Native American religions: an introduction. New York: Facts on File. 
ISLM E98.R3 H73 2000

Hirschfelder, A. B. (2000). Native Americans. New York: Dorling Kindersle.
ISLM E77 .H588 2000

Indian Rights Association. (1883-1934). Annual reports. Author. Indiana State Library holdings: 1883-94, 1896-1934
ISLM 970.6 I39-8 1883-1890

Jackson, H. H. (1881). A century of dishonor; a sketch of the United States government's dealings with some of the Indian tribes. New York: Harper & Brothers.
ISLM E93 .J12

Jacobs, W. R. (1972). Dispossessing the American Indian; Indians and whites on the colonial frontier. New York: Scribner.
ISLM E91 .J3 1972

Johansen, B. E. (Ed.). (1998). The encyclopedia of Native American legal tradition. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.
ISLM KF8204 .E53 1998

Josephy, A. M. (Ed.). (1961). The American heritage book of Indians. New York, NY: American Heritage Publishing Company.
ISLM E58 .A53

Kneale, A. H. (1950). Indian agent [An autobiographical sketch]. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Printers.
ISLM E93 .K6

Knoblock, B. W. (1939). Banner-stones of the North American Indian. La Grange, IL: Author.
[Cage] ISLM 709.7 K72B

McKenney, T. L. (1846). Memoirs, official and personal : with sketches of travels among northern and southern Indians : embracing a war excursion, and descriptions of scenes along the western borders. New York : Paine and Burgess.
[Cage] ISLM 970.5 M155M

Morse, J. (1822). A report to the Secretary of War of the United States, on Indian affairs, [comprising] a narrative of a tour performed [in] the summer of 1820, under a commission from the President of the United States, for the purpose of ascertaining, for the use of the [government], the actual state of the Indian tribes of our country. New Haven, CT: S. Converse.
[Cage] ISLM 970.5 M885R

Nash, J. B., et al. (1938). The new day for the Indians; a survey of the working of the Indian reorganization act of 1934. New York: Academy Press.
ISLM E93 .N23

Oswalt, W. H. (1966) This land was theirs; a study of the North American Indian. New York: Wiley.
ISLM E77 .O8 1967

Peake, O. B. (1954). A history of the United States Indian factory system, 1795-1822. Denver, CO: Sage Books.
ISLM E98.C7 P4

Spencer, R. F. (1965). The Native Americans: Prehistory and ethnology of the North American Indians. New York, NY: Harper and Row.
ISLM E77 .S747

Thompson. (1832). Laws of the colonial and state governments relating to Indians and Indian affairs, 1633-1831, with an appendix containing the proceedings of the congress of the confederation and the laws of congress, 1800-1830 on the same subject. Author.
[Cage] ISLM 970.5 L425

Turner, K. C. (1951). Red men calling on the Great White Father. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press.
ISLM E93 .T8

Van Every, D. (1966). Disinherited: the lost birthright of the American Indian. New York: Morrow.
ISLM E99.C5 V3

Vogel, V. (1970). American Indian medicine. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press.
ISLM E98.M4 V6

Walker, F. A. (1875). The Indian question. By Francis A. Walker, late U.S. commissioner of Indian affairs. Boston: J.R. Osgood and Co.
ISLM E93 .W17

Washington, G. (1891). [Letter to the] chiefs and warriors, representatives of the Wyandots, Delawares, Chawanoes, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatomies, Miamis, Eel River, Weeas, Kickapoos, Piankashaws, and Koskaskias. Wabash, IN: Dr. Perry G. Moore.
ISLO 970.1 no. 20  

Zeisberger, D. (1830). A grammar of the language of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians.
[Cage] ISLM 497 Z47G

Government Documents:

American Indian Calendar. Washington, D.C.: Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs.
I 20.2: C 12/2/

Brotherhood of North American Indians. (1912). Memorial of the Brotherhood of North American Indians protesting against the reimbursement of money appropriated for the benefit of Indian tribes, as provided in bill H.R. 20728, and the practice adopted in doing likewise since 1877, and praying for the right of representation and of self-government by the Indian people. Washington, DC: GPO.
p.d. 328 J2U V. 37 NO. 489

Indian Treaties: appendix. (1819). Indian and European treaties during the presidency of James Monroe. Washington, DC.
p.d. 970.5 Un58ita

Indiana General Assembly. (1847). Resolutions of the Legislature of Indiana, in relation to the selling of intoxicating liquors to the Indians. Washington, DC: Ritchie and Heiss.
p.d. 328 F9h v. 3 no. 197

Merritt, E. B. (1926). The American Indian and government Indian administration. Washington DC: Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs.
p.d. 970.1 Un58bi 1926 no. 12

Mooney, J. (1898). Calendar history of the Kiowa Indians. Washington, D.C.: GPO.
p.d. 572 Un96

South American Indian paintings by George Catlin. (1998). Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art.
SI 8.2:SO 8

U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on Indian Affairs. (1871). Indians residing in
Michigan and Indiana : to accompany H. Res. no. 443 : memorial of certain Indians residing in Michigan and Indiana. Washington, DC: GPO.
p.d. 328 H1r v. 1 no. 32

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. (1984). American Indians: U.S. Indian policy, tribes and reservations, BIA: past and present economic development. Washington, DC: Author.
I 20.2:AM 3

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. (1952-197?). Statistics concerning Indian education. Washington, DC: Author.
I 20.46: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Trust Responsibilities. Annual report of Indian lands. Washington, DC: Author.
I 20.61

U.S. Office of Indian Affairs. (1854). Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Washington, DC: Author.
p.d. 970.5 Un 54

U.S. Office of Indian Affairs. (1859-1861). Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, accompanying the annual report of the Secretary of the Interior. Washington, DC: Author.
p.d. 970.5 Un 59

U.S. Office of Indian Affairs. (1862-1866). Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Washington, DC: Author.
p.d. 970.5 Un 62

U. S. Office of Indian Affairs. (1898). Report on Indian affairs, by the acting Commissioner. Washington, DC: Author.
p.d. 970.5 Un 67

U.S. Office of Indian Affairs. (1922). Indian citizenship. Washington, DC: Author.
p.d. 970.1 Un58ci no. 1830

U.S. War Department. (1841). Report from the Secretary of War, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, in relation, to the payment of claims under the treaty with the Stockbridge and Munsee Indians. Washington, DC: Blair & Rives.
p.d. 328 F6h v. 4 no. 205

Veterans Administration Advisory Committee on Native American Veterans: final report. (1988). Washington, DC: Veterans Administration Advisory Committee on Native American Veterans.
VA 1.2:N 21/2

Items from Indiana State Library Manuscripts Collections:

Delaware Indians language collection
[Mss I] ISLI S1560

Franklin Pierce and Colonel Abel C. Pepper correspondence
[Mss I] ISLI S1063

General orders for the militia head-quarters / Henry Hurst
[Mss I] ISLI Broadside S 1809-1855

George Croghan Collection 1765
[Mss I] ISLI S0321

George H. Proffit collection 1837
[Mss I] ISLI S1087

Horan family papers 1825-1888
[Mss I] ISLI S0682

Jacob Piatt Dunn
[Research materials], 1824-1865 Jesse C. Douglass journal, 1838
[Mss I] ISLI S0370

John Tipton collection 1806-1858
[Mss I] ISLI L160

Miami Chief Little Turtle collection circa 1747-1812
[Mss I] ISLI S1417

Miami National Reserve maps circa 1818-1840s
[Mss I] ISLI S1622

Office of Indian Affairs collection 1815-1821
[Mss I] ISLI L443

Potawatomi Indians collection 1835-1852
[Mss I] ISLI S1561

Robert B. Whitsett, Jr. papers
[Mss I] ISLI S2330

Seneca-Shawnee Indian census document
[Mss I] ISLI S1559

Thaddeus Butler. [Papers], 1848-1906
[Mss I] ISLI L027 Cage

Thomas Timothy McAvoy collection circa 1834-1940s
[Mss I] ISLI S0862

Twightwee Treaty of Lancaster 1748

William Polke papers, 1808-1853 1832-1841
[Mss I] ISLI L333


American Indian Historical Markers

Materials About Delaware Indians

Miami Indians Resources

Native American and American Indian Related Publications

Potawatomi Indians Resources

Published Primary Sources Related to American Indians

For more resources, search the State Library’s online catalog for individual Native American tribes in Indiana: Delaware, Miami, Potawatomi, and Shawnee.

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