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Women in the Military Research Guide

Books in the ISL collection:

ISLI 940.54 B877a.  Brown, Frances DeBra.  An Army in Skirts:  the World War II Letters of Frances DeBra.

ISLG 973.82 D157w.  Dameron, J. David.   The WASP:  Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II. Heritage Books; 2005.

ISLM E185.63.J633.  Johnson, Jesse J.  Black Women in the Armed Forces, 1942-1974:  (A Pictorial History).  Hampton Institute, Virginia, 1974.

ISLM 355.13 P887b.  Power, James R.  Brave Women and their wartime decorations; a study.   Vantage Press, 1959.

ISLM E608.E24.  Edmonds, S. Emma E.  Nurse and Spy in the Union Army: comprising the adventures and experiences of a woman in hospitals, camps, and battlefields.  W.S. Williams & Co., Connecticut.  1865.

ISLM D810.W7 K43. Keil, Sally Van Wegenen.  Those Wonderful Women in Their Flying Machines:  The Unknown Heroines of World War II.  Rawson, Wade Publishers, Inc.  New York, 1979.

ISLM 355.34 S296w.  Schaffter, Dorothy.  What Comes of Training Women for War.  American Council on Education; Washington, DC. 1948.

Federal Documents:

D 1.2: W 84/4. Military Women in the Department of Defense.  Office of the Secretary of Defense.

D 1.2: W 84/5.  Going Strong!  Women in Defense.   United States.  Department of Defense.

D 2.9: D 36/2 No. 63.  Women in the Military:  A Proud Heritage.  Defense Billboard 63

D101.2: C64.  Breaking Codes, Breaking Barriers; the WACs of the Signal Security Agency World War II.  U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.  

D 101.2: W84/5.  Women in the Army Policy Review.  United States.  Department of the Army.  Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel.

D 114.2: G 28/2.  Mixed-Gender Basic Training; the U.S. Army Experience, 1973-2004.  Chapman, Anne W.  

D 208.102: W84/2.  A Woman’s Perspective; United States Naval Academy.

GA 1.13:NSIAD-9393.  Women in the Military:  deployment in the Persian Gulf War:  report to the Secretary of Defense.  United States.  General Accounting Office.  

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 18.  G.I. Jane Writes Home from Overseas.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 12.  The WAC with the Army Ground Forces.  Women’s Army Corps.  United States Army.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No.14.  Improve your skill-or learn a new one in a vital ARMY job.  

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 13.  There’s a JOB for YOU in the WAC.  

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 15.  Woman’s Place in war; Women’s Army Corps:  Army of the United States.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 19.  A book of facts about the WAC.  

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 20.  Someone to be proud of:  Your daughter in the WAC.  Women’s Army Corps; Army of the United States.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 21.  Women of the WAC-here’s your G.I. Bill of Rights.  

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 22.  Our Wounded need care!  Join a hospital company.  Women’s Army  Corps.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 10.  News for YOU:  Your opportunities in the WAC.  

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 9.  73 Questions and answers about the WAC.  Women’s Army Corps; Army of the United States.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 8.  College women in the WAC.  Women’s Army Corps; Army of the United States.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No.3.  Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps:  WAAC, United States Army.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No.1.  Facts you want to know about the WAC.

P.D. 355.22 Un58ma No.28.  Selected for Success.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Ma No. 23.  The Army Nurse:  U.S. Army Nurse Corps.  

P.D. 355.22 Un58Mi No.4.  Answers to Questions Women Ask about War Work.  United States Employment Service of the War Manpower Commission.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Mi No.9.  America at War Needs Women at Work.  Information service of the War Manpower Commission.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Mi No. 10.  Training Womanpower.  Bureau of training; War Manpower Commission. 1943.

P.D. 355.22 Un58Mi No.22.  Woman in the Postwar.  War Manpower Commission; Women’s Advisory Committee.  1945.

P.D. 614.864 Un58mp  No.17.  A Message to You.  U.S. Coast Guard.

P.D. 614.864 Un58mp No. 19.  Facts About…SPARS.  U.S. Coast Guard

PR 41.8: W84. The Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces: Report to the President, November 15, 1992.   United States.  Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces.  

Y 4.AR 5/2A:  993-94/20.  Women in Combat:  Hearing before the Military Forces and Personnel Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, hearing held May 12, 1993.  United States.  Congress.  House. Committee on Armed Services. Military Forces and Personnel subcommittee.   No. 103-20

Videos/Other formats:

ISLI 725.96 D299w.   Women in Military Service for American Foundation (U.S.).  Dedication of Women in Military Service for America Memorial [Videorecording]; October 18, 1997.


Library of Congress:  Experiencing War; Women of Four Wars:  Stories from the Veterans History Project:

United States Department of Veterans Affairs /Women Veterans Health Care:

Women in Military Service for America Memorial:

Women in the U.S. Army:

National Association of Black Military Women:

Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN):

National Archives/Archives Library Information Center (ALIC):

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