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Preservation & Conservation Services

The mission of Indiana State Library Preservation Services is to improve and ensure long-term, ongoing access to the cultural and historical collections of the Indiana State Library. The department, staffed by one full-time conservator, as well as volunteers and occasional interns, fulfills this primary goal by providing conservation treatments of collections items and implementing preventive care and administrative policies. The conservator also provides information and training to the statewide library community and, on occasion, the general public through consultations and workshops.

In December 2014, the ISL Preservation Department opened the Martha E. Wright Conservation Lab in honor of one of our former Librarians. Ms. Wright’s generous donation to the Indiana State Library Foundation for the preservation of our collections continues to aide our ability to restore access to fragile and rare collections, assure the continued access to all of our materials, and remember her personality, her work, and her love of the ISL.

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Martha E. Wright Conservation Lab

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