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Charles M Reagan

Charles M. Reagan Papers
S 1099, OB 1
1851-1930, undated
2 folders, 1 ov. folder
Manuscript Section, Indiana Division
Indiana State Library

Processed by: Christina Baich, November 2005

Biographical Note:

Charles M. Reagan was born in 1864. He was the adopted son of Rezin and Asenath Mills Reagan. The family lived in Decatur Township in Marion County, Indiana. Reagan was the Superintendent of Mooresville Schools in 1891. He married Myrtle Van Sickle on October 18, 1899, with whom he had two daughters. Reagan practiced law in Marion County and ran for State Representative in 1918. He had difficulty maintaining his law practice during World War I and tried to find placement with several organizations. He was finally appointed Naturalization Attorney in November 1918.


Ancestry Library. Indiana State Library. 15 Nov. 2005. <>.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection contains the marriage certificate of his parents, Rezin and Asenath, and other papers of theirs; records of book donations; a campaign card from Reagan’s 1918 campaign for State Representative; and materials regarding Charles F. Zook’s service in the Spanish American War. The bulk of the collection is letters to and from Reagan to various wartime organizations.

Item Listing:

Folder 1. 1 851-1918
1851 Apr. 10 Notice of appraisement
1866 Aug. 15 Marriage certificate of Rezin and Asenath Reagan
1891 Mar. 3 David Jordan to Charles Reagan, ALS
1899 Dec. 17 Certificate of honorable discharge from U.S. Army for Charles F. Zook
1907 Oct. 5 W. S. Wright to Charles Reagan, ALS
1907 Nov. 15 Benjamin S. Packer to Charles Reagan, ALS
1913 Aug. 28 Essay on origin of Friends Church at West Newton
1913 Aug. 28 Historical Sketch of Fairfield Monthly Meeting
1915 Sept. Book donations (2 pages)
1915 Oct. Book donations (2 pages)
1915                 Book donations
1918 May 7 State Representative campaign card
1918 Sept. 1 American Library Association to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Sept. 21 Bureau of Industrial Housing and Transportation to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Oct. 12 Charles Reagan to Harry S. New, TLS
1918 Oct. 14 Harry S. New to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Oct. 16 American Library Association to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Oct. 16 War Department to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Oct. 18 R. M. Schofield to Harry S. New, TLS
1918 Oct. 18 Charles Reagan to War Department, TLS
1918 Oct. 19 Louis B. Ewbank, TL
1918 Oct. 21 Harry S. New to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Oct. 23 J. G. C. Rothfus to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Oct. 24 P.C. Harris to Harry S. New, TLS
1918 Oct. 24 A. A. Hoehling, Jr. to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Oct. 26 Harry S. New to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Nov. 2 Charles Reagan to War Service Exchange, TL
1918 Nov. 2 Charles Reagan to Harry S. New, TLS
1918 Nov. 6 Telegram from Fred C. Schortemier to Charles Reagan
1918 Nov. 7 Fred C. Schortemier to Charles Reagan, TLS
1918 Nov. 8 Albert Leach to Mr. & Mrs. Rezin Reagan, ALS
1918 Nov. 12 Charles Reagan to Fred C. Schortemier, TLS
1918 Nov. 15 Fred C. Schortemier to Charles Reagan, TLS
Folder 2.  1920-1930, undated
1920 Jan. 5 Harry S. New to Charles Reagan, TLS
1920 Jan. 15 Merrill Moores to Charles Reagan, TLS
1921 May 20 Obituary for Jesse Merle Weatherly
1922 Apr. 23 Obituary for Mary Jane Cord
1922 July Obituary for Lydia Sanders
1923 Apr. 3 Bureau of Pensions to Chalres F. Zook, TLS
1924 May 12 Settlement of claim from General Accounting office
1924 Oct. 17 Charles Reagan to Commissioner of Pensions, TLS
1924 Dec. 20 Charles Reagan to Commissioner of Pensions, TLS
1927 May Program for Ayres’ Spring Book Fair
1927 Sept. 7 Charles Reagan to Adjutant General, TLS
1927 Sept. 15 Adjutant General to Charles Reagan, TL
1927 Oct. 20 Winfield Scott to Charles Reagan, TLS
1930 Aug. 30 Promissory note
1930 Oct. 20 Charles Reagan to Sunday Editor of Indianapolis Star, TLS
undated                 Obituary for Pauline M. Barrett
undated                 Obituary for Lydia Barrett
undated                 Obituary for Phebe Stanton
undated                 Obituary for Phebe Weatherly
undated                 Letter to Henry K. English, TL
undated                 Notes
undated                 Book donations
OB 1

Folder 8.  
1857 June 1 Land grant certificate 

Collection Information:

Size of Collection:
2 folders, 1 oversized folder
Collection Dates:
1851-1930, undated
Charles M. Reagan, 13 April 1933
Access: This collection is open for research.
Reproduction Rights:
Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript Section, Indiana State Library.  Possession of a reproduction from an Indiana State Library collection does not constitute permission for use.
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