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Adams Lee Ogg

Adams Lee Ogg
4 folders
Manuscript Section, Indiana Division
Indiana State Library

Processed by: Barbara Hilderbrand, November 2006

Biographical Note:

Adams Lee Ogg was born in 1827 in Indiana. He was a businessman and lawyer in Greenfield, Indiana and Indianola, Iowa. He served as captain, 3rd Iowa Regiment during the Civil War. After the Civil War he was active in pension claim cases for fellow veterans. He married Mary E. Longnaker of Greenfield in 1861. Adams Lee Ogg died in 1904.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection is mainly contains the correspondence of the Ogg and Longnaker Families.  The majority of the letters are between Ogg and his wife while he was serving in the Civil War, and those with her family in Greenfield and Iowa.  Also included are diaries and an expenditure list of Mary E. Ogg and clippings from the Indianapolis Star column the “Hoosier Listening Post.”

Item Listing:

Folder 1.  Journals and Correspondence 1836-1861.

1864 Jan 1- 1865 Sept. 7 Small brown account book containing: Personal accounts
1860 Apr. 3-1862 Nov. 7 Small black pocket diary used by Mrs. Mary E. Longnaker Ogg as a personal account and note book.
1836 Dec. 5 Deed for land in Hancock county, Indiana. John and Abbereller Foster to George Catt.
1838 Dec 24  Offut, Tom, Manager to "Miss Mary Liz" 
1849 Feb. 27  Invalid pension certificate of Adams L. Ogg 
1854 Sept. 29  Letter to Miss E. Longnaker- invitation to a party
1854 Nov. 14
 Dunbar, O. S. and C. Gooding, managers, to Miss M. Longnaker Invitation to a cotillion party in Greenfield, IN
1854 Dec. 8 Lewis, Ed, Rensselaer, IN to Letty and Samuel Longnaker, Greenfield, In - Glad to hear of their mother's good health, although lonesome due to death of their father. Postscript from Permilia Lewis to Mary Elizabeth Longnaker - wants her to meet all of the pretty boys at their school.
1855 Mar. 30 Longnaker, Mary E., Greenfield, IN to her mother Letty Longnaker - Tells her not to be uneasy since Grandfather and Grandmother come to stay every night, but she still wants her mother to come home. 
1856 Dec. 27  Letter to Mary E. Longnaker - Invitation to a social party.
1858 Mar.  Report from Greenfield Academy for Mary E. Longnaker, signed by Mrs. L. Longnaker.
1859 Aug. 16  Mrs. Centor, Webber Creek, California [Placerville P.O.] to Mr. Ogg - Happy to hear of his safe arrival home. Recalls her own childhood, tolls of feelings about marriage and religion. News of friends in California, visit of Harace Greeley mentioned briefly.
1859 Aug. 29  Todhunter and Dilley, Indianola, Iowa to A.L. Ogg - Regarding a lawsuit over land.
1959 Sept. 22  Invitation to an "old fashioned hop" at Hall's new building, Greenfield, IN.
1859 Oct. 1  Ogg, A.L., Everett House, St. Louis MO to "Miss Mary Liz Longnaker" - sends her some sheets of music and asks her to kiss any girls whom he may not of kissed because of his "extreme modesty".
1859 Nov. 12  Invitation to "Social Hop" at Richardson's Store Room.
1860 Jan 2  Invitation to the "First Soiree Dansante of the Thespian Dramatic Society", at Hall's new building, Greenfield, IN.
1860 Jan 16  Dilley, T.L., Indianola, Iowa to "Friend Ogg" Regarding a settlement being offered in the land suit. A man from New York may buy Ogg's land. Religious excitement in Indianola.
1860 Mar 14 Guardianship paper. Letty Longnaker guardian of Mary E. Longnaker.
1860 Apr 24   Ogg, A.L. to "Miss Mary E. Longnacker" Wants to hear of young Greenfield friends; fears that she, like some Oskaloosa girls, has joined an anti-matrimonial society.
1861 Apr 23  Reed, Bill, Greenfield, IN to "Friend Ogg" - A great excitement prevails, patriotic meeting are being held and troops being raised.
1861 Apr 23   Ogg, W.S., Greenfield to Adams Lee Ogg Cannot write of domestic affairs when the breeze carries cries of war. Hancock county is united in a common cause.
1861 July 12   Reed, Bill to Adams Lee Ogg
1861 Aug 2  Unknown to Adams Lee Ogg. 
1861 Sept 12  Ogg, J.S. to Adams Lee Ogg September 22, 1861 Bill Reed to Adams Lee Ogg. October 13, 1861 - Bill Reed to Adams Lee Ogg.
1861 Dec 16  Longnaker, Letty, Greenfield, IN to children - Includes note from Annie Martin.
1861 Dec 27  Edwards, A.E. to "Dear Friends"
1861 Dec 27  Ogg, Adams Lee, St. Louis, MO to Mrs. Letty Longnaker, Greenfield, IN

Folder 2.  Correspondence 1862.

1862 Jan. 6  Longnaker, Letty Greenfield, IN to "children" [Al and Lizzie Ogg].
1862 Jan. 8 Ogg, Lizzie, Virginia House, St. Louis to Letty Longnaker. 
1862 Jan.18 Mathers, Belle Douglas, Greenfield, IN to Lizzie Ogg.
1862 Jan. 23 Short, W.H. to Lizzie Ogg
1862 Jan 26 Longnaker, Letty, Greenfield to Lizzie Ogg.
1862 Feb. 4  Ogg, Lizzie, Huntsville, MO to Letty Longnaker She has moved with the troops from St. Louis to Huntsville.
1862 Feb. 7 Ogg, Will S., Lebanon, MO to Adams Lee Ogg 
1862 Feb. 9 Ogg, Lizzie to Letty Longnaker. 
1862 Feb. 14 Longnaker, Letty, Greenfield to Lizzie Ogg.
1862 Feb. 17  Butler, Mats, Greenfield to Lizzie Ogg 
1862 Feb. 20 Ogg, Sophy E., Greenfield to Lizzie Ogg 
1862 Feb. 23  Edwards, A.E. to Adams Lee and Lizzie Ogg. 
1862 Feb. 23  Longnaker, Letty to Lizzie Ogg.
1862 Mar. 2  Ogg, Lizzie, Huntsville, MO to Letty Longnaker 
1862 Mar. 7  Ogg, Adams Lee to Mary E. (Lizzie) Ogg 
1862 Mar. 12  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg.
1862 Mar. 17 Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg
1862 Mar. 23 McLean, Laura to Lizzie Ogg.
1862 Apr. 1  Ogg, Adams Lee, near Pittsburgh, TN to Lizzie Ogg. 
1862 Apr. 3 Swan, W.H. to Adams Lee Ogg.
1862 Apr. 9 Ogg, Adams Lee, Savannah, TN to Lizzie Ogg 
1862 Apr. 18  Telegram fromE. Newland to Dr. L. Edwards, Greenfield - Captain Ogg has arrived at New Albany. 
1862 Apr.18 Telegram from Dr. L. Edwards to A.L. Ogg - Should family meet him at Indianapolis?
1862 Apr. 19  Snively, Mary A. to Lizzie Ogg A.L. Ogg not strong enough to travel - is being well taken care of in New Albany.
1862 May 1 Ogg, Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg.
1862 May 5  Ogg, Adams Lee, New Albany to Lizzie Ogg.
1862 May 11  Turner, H. to Lizzie Ogg- Captain Ogg has been worse the last few days.
1862 July 3 Ogg, Adams Lee, Columbus, Ohio to Lizzie Ogg. 
1862 July 9  Butler, Matte to Lizzie Ogg.
1862 July 22  McLean, Laura, Huntsville, MO to Lizzie Ogg- Describes the shooting of her slave, Jared, by soldiers.
1862 Sept. 5  Ogg, Adams Lee, Camp Reynolds, Indianapolis to Lizzie
1862 Sept. 24  Latter, F.M. to A.L. Ogg.
1862 Sept.26  Patterson, J.Q.A., Camp near Bolivar, Tennessee to Captain A.L. Ogg he is not capable of commanding a company. Men prefer Sergeant W.C. Newborn. Includes a note signed Bill.
1862 Oct. 10   Unsigned letter from Bolivar TN to Captain Ogg Describes skirmish and losses sustained by the company.
1862 Oct. 10  Turner, Herculess, Bolivar, TN to Adams Lee Ogg.
1862 Oct. 12  General Orders, No. 112 Headquarters 4th Division Army of Western Tennessee, Bolivar, TN - with letter W.F. Wright to A.L. Ogg.
1862 Nov. 1  Ogg, Adams Lee, Camp Reynolds to Betsy.
1862 Dec. 7  Ogg, Adams Lee, Holly Springs, Mississippi to Lizzie Ogg 
1862 Dec. 14  Ogg, Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg.
1862 Dec. 20  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg 

Folder 3.  Correspondence 1863-1865.

1863 Jan. 25 Ogg, Adams Lee Camp of 3rd Iowa Infantry, near Moscow, Tennessee to Lizzie Ogg Complains of not receiving any letters.
1863 Feb. 1 Ogg, Adams Lee, Camp near Moscow, TN to Lizzie Ogg Will be coming home before long; feels it is his duty to stay awhile.
1863 Feb. 10  Ogg, Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg. 
1863 Feb. 12 Ogg ,Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg. 
1863 Feb. 12 Ogg, Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg. 
1863 Feb. 18  Ogg ,Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg. 
1863 Feb. 20 Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg.
1863 Mar. 22 Ogg, Adams Lee, Memphis, TN to Lizzie Ogg.
1863 Mar. 26  Ogg, Will L. to Adams Lee Ogg.
1863 Mar. 31  Quarterly return of ordnance and ordnance stores, received, issued and remaining on hand, Co. G, 3rd Regiment Iowa Infantry.
1863 Apr. 7  Ogg, Adams Lee, Camp near Memphis to Lizzie Ogg All the men plead with him to stay until new officers are selected.
1863 Apr. 9  Ogg, Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg. 
1863 Apr. 14  Ogg, Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg.
1863 Apr. 18  Abstract of materials, expended or consumed in Company G, 3rd Regiment Iowa Infantry, first quarter, 1863.
1863 Apr. 21  Ogg, Adams Lee, Camp near Memphis, TN to Lizzie Ogg.
1863 May 2  Ogg, Adams Lee, Camp near Memphis, TN to Lizzie Ogg - includes note from Will Ogg.
1863 May 9  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg. 
1863 May 10  Ogg, Lizzie to A.L. Ogg. 
1863 May 14  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg
1863 May 18  Ogg, Adams Lee, onboard steamer "Crescent City", 80 miles above Vicksburg, to Lizzie Ogg.
1863 May 19  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg.
1863 May 25  Ogg, Adams Lee, two miles southeast of Vicksburg to Lizzie Ogg Have made no progress in taking the city.
1863 June 1  Ogg, Adams Lee, near Vicksburg to Lizzie Ogg "Not for a thousand lives would I let my men see me flinch".
1863 June 9  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg Discusses business matters.
1863 June 10  Ogg, Lizzie to Adams Lee Ogg "Hope you have not been in a battle and will not be. I cannot bear the thought of it."
1863 July 13  Rush, Richard, Provost Marshall General's Office to A.L. Ogg Concerns his application for a position in the Invalid Corps.
1863 Aug. 16  Davis, P.A. to Lizzie Ogg.
1863 Nov.27  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg He is in Iowa on business matters.
1863 Dec. 9  Ogg, Lizzie to A.L. Ogg. 
1863 Dec. 24  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg. 
1864 Jan. 25  Ogg, Adams Lee to Lizzie Ogg. 
1865 Dec. 15  Davis, P.A., Somerset, Ohio to Lizzie Ogg Recalls their good times in Greenfield. Her health is poor; inquires about the best place to travel for her health.
1866 Dec. 7  Inman, [?], Samuel, New Virginia, Warren County, Iowa to Captain Ogg Tells of his experiences in Rebel prisons including Libby, Macon, Charleston, and Columbia; his near escape, spending 26 days traveling to within a few miles of Union lines before recapture; the cooperation of the Negroes in his escape. Mentions Captain Ogg's sword, congratulates him upon his new son. Inman hopes to go into the sheep business, despite local prejudice against sheep.
1871 Mar 11   "Mary", Mellonville [?], Florida to Dear Brother Lee and family St. Augustine, the slothfulness of the local "crackers" and the healthful climate are described.
1871 Sept. 28  A. Newby, Callao, MO to Will Ogg, Tice and Co., Cincinnati, Ohio Telegram: "Mother is dying". On back is a message from Will that he is on his way to see her.
1871 Nov. 3  “Phe", College Corner, Ohio to Mrs. A.L. Ogg Recalls pleasant visit, reflects on Lizzie's domestic happiness. She would marry if she could find a "gentleman" with "considerable spare change".
1874 Feb. 28   Ogg, Will, Santa Barbara, CA to A.L. Ogg Family and social matters. Is about to buy a little ranch.
1878 June 27   Ogg, W. I., San Francisco to "My Dear Brother" Announces his marriage to a granddaughter of the late Bishop Case of Ohio. He does not give her name but enumerates her virtues. His business affairs are in poor shape, but he is happy to be married again.
1885 July 11   Ogg, Amon L., Indianola, Iowa, to Captain A.L. Ogg, Greenfield, Indiana Refers to a reunion of Captain Ogg's regiment in August. Amon Ogg's genealogy given along with his politics (now a Republican, formerly a Democrat) and his Civil War service record.
Undated Five undated Civil War letters

Folder 4.  Newspaper clippings 1935-1936.

1935 Dec. 15- 1936 Jan. 28 13 newspaper articles from Kate Milner Rabb's Hoosier Listening Post - excerpts from A.L. Ogg - Lizzie Ogg Civil War correspondence.

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Ada O. Frost, 10 April 1936; Robert Ogg 20 October 1986
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