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William Pinckney Fishback

11 Nov. 1831 - 15 Jan. 1901

In addition to practicing law, William Fishback was a newspaper man. He served as editor of the Indianapolis Journal from 1870 to 1872 and then joined the staff of the St. Louis Democrat. He returned to Indianapolis and law in 1874. Later in his life, several of his addresses were deemed worthy of publishing. His most ambitious work is Recollections of Lord Coleridge. He also wrote a law manual in keeping with his original calling.

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Manual of Elementary Law, being a summary of the well-settled elementary principles of American law. Indianapolis, 1896. [ISL call number: I 347 F532m]
Recollections of Lord Coleridge. Indianapolis, 1895. [ISL call number: I 923 C693f]