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Samuel Hamilton Buskirk

19 Jan. 1820 - 3 Apr. 1879

Samuel H. Buskirk was born in New Albany, Indiana. He practiced law in Monroe County, Indiana, after graduating from Indiana University. He served five terms in the Indiana House of Representatives. In 1859, he was appointed Director of the Indiana State Prison. From 1870 to 1876, he sat on the Indiana Supreme Court. During his final year on the bench, he published his only work--a legal treatise recording cases heard by the Indiana Supreme Court and decisions rendered among other details.

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The practice on appeals to the Supreme Court of Indiana on writs of error from the Supreme Court of the United States to a state court, on the removal of causes from state courts to the Circuit Court of the United States : and a complete table of cases decided by the Supreme court of Indiana, with annotations showing where any of such cases have been cited, distinguished, criticised, modified, doubted or overruled by subsequent decisions. Indianapolis: J. V. Olds, 1876.