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Jesse Lynch Holman

24 Oct. 1784 - 28 Mar. 1842

Jesse Lynch Holman was born near Danville, Kentucky. In 1811, he moved to Indiana and settled near the present site of Aurora, where he built Veraestau, an historic home still in existence. He practiced law and became a judge in 1814. He served on the Indiana Supreme Court from 1816 to 1830. Holman was involved in the Baptist church and the Sunday school movement. In 1834, he was ordained a Baptist minister. Holman made an early foray into the literary world publishing his first and only novel in 1810. In his later years, he was less than proud of the product of his endeavors, The Prisoners of the Niagara, or Errors of Education.

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BibliographyThe Prisoners of the Niagara, or Errors of Education. A New Novel, Founded on Fact. Frankfort, Kentucky, 1810.