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Maps are an integral part of each Decennial Census and obtaining Census data. A specific geography needs to be selected before the necessary data can be found. In many instances the geography is known, but sometimes it is necessary to locate on a map the correct geography. The Data Center collection includes many maps, most published since the 1970 Census. There are maps previous to that date, too, although the dates of publication are intermittent.

The Census Bureau provides maps showing political subdivisions:

  • United States
  • Regions
  • States
  • Counties
  • Townships
  • Cities and Towns
  • Voting Districts/Precincts

The Census Bureau also provides maps showing statistical geography as designated by the Census Bureau:

  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas
  • Urbanized Areas
  • Enumeration Districts (Historical)
  • Block Numbering Areas (Historical)
  • Tracts
  • Block Groups
  • Blocks

Data are provided for Census Bureau statistical geography as well as political geography.

The State Data Center prints oversized maps (42” x 36”) from the 1990, 2000, and 2010 Censuses. Cost is $10.00 per map. You can find 2010 Census Tract Reference Maps and 2010 Census Block Maps on the Census Bureau website.

On request, we print the following Census maps for all states and territories:

  • Census Blocks
  • Census Tracts
  • Cities and Towns
  • Townships
  • Counties

Also available are U.S. Congressional District maps (Legislative District Boundaries) for the 115th Congress for all states and territories. Maps of the Indiana House and Indiana Senate Legislative Districts created after the 2010 Census are located here: .

The U.S. Census Bureau is conducting the 2017 Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) to update information it has about legal boundaries, names, governmental status, and types of municipalities in the U.S.

See also IndianaMap.org, the result of what was once the Indiana GIS Initiative, providing interactive maps from all over Indiana.

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