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Mineral Spring Spas in Indiana

Newspaper Collection

In the Indianapolis Newspaper Index see headings: Dillsboro, French Lick, Martinsville, Mineral Springs, Mudlavia, and Springs.

Not indexed: “Miwagco Springs Milan, Indiana circa 1890s”. Indianapolis Star 5-31-1925, pg 2.

Pamphlet Collection

Pamphlets within our Indiana Pamphlet Collection can be found in our catalog and at call number IP 613.12. The resorts represented in the collection:

French Lick (Orange Co.)

West Baden (Orange Co.)

Dillsboro (Dearborn Co.)

Mudlavia (Kramer, IN)

Martinsville Sanitarium (Morgan Co.)

Trinity Springs (Martin Co.)

Manuscripts Collection

  • Mudlavia-V159, Robertson, Mrs. Carrie Weed, Diary of trips to Mudlavia from 1906-1911, tells of her stay there, friends and various experiences.
  • Thomas Taggart collection has many items relating to the French Lick Hotel


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the first two chapters and last two chapters are general about the spa movement)

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The cold water cure, as practiced by Vincent Priessnitz, at ... By R. T. Claridge (Available Google books)

Water Cure Journal , some issue available on Google Books

Kellog,  John Harvey. Rational Hydrotherapy: A manual of the physiological and therapeutic effects of hydriatic procedure and the technique of their application in the treatment of disease.  Available from

Clippings Files

Look under “Health Resorts”, 2 folders.

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