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Limestone Industry in Indiana

Books and Printed Materials

Batchelor, Joseph Alexander. An economic history of the Indiana oolitic limestone industry. Bloomington: The School of Business, Indiana University, 1944.
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Indiana limestone: "The nation's building stone." Indianapolis: Public Service Co. of Indiana, 1945.
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Carr, Donald D. Map of Bedford-Bloomingotn dimension limestone belt showing mills, quarries, and outcrop of Salem limestone. Bloomington: Indiana Geological Survey, 1967.
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Map of Indiana oolitic limestone district, Monroe County, Lawrence County, and Owen County, Indiana. Bloomington: Building Stone Association, Inc., 1931
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Manuscript Collections

  • Ingall Stone Company, 4th Floor
  • Mann, John L., S925
  • Millholland, C., S966
  • Owen, Richard, S1036


Indiana Limestone Quarrymen's Association. Indiana limestone. Bedford: 1917-1927
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Indiana Limestone Company. Bulletins.
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Quarries and Mills: Indiana Oolitic Limestone Industry. Ellettsville: 1929-1931.
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  • Industries--Limestone

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  • Limestone
  • Stone Industry

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  • Limestone

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