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Biographical Sources for Famous Hoosiers

Books and Printed Materials

Banta, Ray. Indiana's Laughmakers: The Story of Over 400 Hoosiers: Actors, Cartoonists, Writers, and Others. 1990. ISLI 817 B219I

Banta, Ray. More of Indiana's Laughmakers: Actors, Cartoonists, Writers, and Others. 2005. ISLI 817 B219M

Banta, R. E. (Richard Elwell). Indiana Authors and their Books, 1816-1916; Biographical Sketches of Authors who published During the First Century of Indiana Statehood, with Lists of Their Books. 1949. ISLI 016.810 B219i

Cavinder, Fred D. Forgotten Hoosiers: Profiles from Indiana's Hidden History. 2009. ISLI 977.2 C382fb

Denny, Dick. Glory Days Indiana: Legends of Indiana High School Basketball. 2006. ISLI 796.32 D412G

Dye, Charity. Some Torch Bearers in Indiana. 1917. ISLI 920 D995S

Gillis, Ruth Jeannette. Indiana Books by Indiana Authors: A Guide to Children’s Literature. ISLI 015.772 G481i

Gunderman, Richard B. Hoosier Beacons: Selected Stories of Inspiration 2017. ISLI 920 G975h

Hawkins, Hubert H. Indiana Lives: A Reference Edition Recording the Biographies of Contemporary Leaders in Indiana, with Special Emphasis on Their Achievements in Making it one of America's Greatest States. 1967. ISLI 920 I385IL

Hepburn, William Murray. Who's Who in Indiana: Library of American Lives. A Reference Edition Recording the Biographies of Contemporary Leaders in Indiana with Special Emphasis on Their Achievements in Making the Hoosier State One of America's Greatest. 1957.  ISLG 977.2 H529W

Indiana's 200: The People who shaped the Hoosier State. 2015. ISLI 977.2 I385tw

Indiana Historical Commission. Indiana's Ten Greatest. 1922. ISLI 920 I385I

January, Alan Frank. A Century of Achievement: Black Hoosiers in the Indiana General Assembly, 1881-1986. 1986 ISLG 977.2 J35C

Johnson, Clarence G. Giants of Hoosierdom. 1911. [q] ISLI 923 J665G

Maurer, Michael S. 19 Stars of Indiana: Exceptional Hoosier Men. 2010. ISLI 920.71 M453

Maurer, Michael S. 19 Stars of Indiana: Exceptional Hoosier Women. 2009. ISLI 920.72 M453

Ogden, Dale. Hoosier Sports Heroes: An Introduction to Indiana Sports. 1990. ISLI 796 O34H

Paddock, Geoffrey. Indiana Political Heroes. 2008. ISLI 324.2 123P

Parker, Benjamin S. Poets and Poetry of Indiana: A Representative Collection of the Poetry of Indiana during the First Hundred Years of Its History as Territory and State, 1800 to 1900. 1900. ISLI 811.08 P238p

Peat, Wilbur David. Portraits and Painters of the Governors of Indiana, 1800-1978. 197ISLI 923 P363P

Post, Margaret Moore. First Ladies of Indiana and the Governors. 1984. ISLI 923 I385PO

Price, Nelson. Indiana Legends: Famous Hoosiers from Johnny Appleseed to David Letterman. 2005. ISLI 920 P946i 2005

Price, Nelson. Legendary Hoosiers: Famous Folks from the State of Indiana. 2001. [IYRC] ISLI 920 P946L

Shumaker, Arthur Wesley. A History of Indiana Literature, with emphasis on the Authors of Imaginative Works who Commenced Writing Prior to World War II. 1962. ISLI 810.9 S562h

Smith, David L. Hoosiers in Hollywood. 2006. [q] ISLI 791.4 S645h

Thompson, Donald Eugene. Indiana Authors and Their Books, 1917-1966. ISLI 016.810 B219I Supp. 1917-66

Thompson, Donald Eugene. Indiana Authors and Their Books, 1967-1980. ISLI 016.810 B219I Supp. 1967-80

Women of Indiana: A Work for Newspaper and Library Reference. 1941. ISLG 977.2 W872

Pamphlet Collection

Famous Hoosiers: Notables of the Past and Present, Native or Adopted Sons and Daughters who have helped make Indiana Great. 1938. ISLO 920 no. 13

Indiana Federation of Music Clubs. Indiana Composers, Native and Adopted. 1936. ISLO 780 no. 9

Rice, Alonzo Leora. Some Indiana Writers and Poets. 1908. ISLO 810.9 no. 1

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