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Locating Indiana Government Documents

This guide shows how to best find Indiana documents from the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of state government, both in print and online. Print materials listing call numbers are available in the Indiana Collection (IND.) or in the Indiana Reference (IND.REF.) area located on the second floor. Many more printed documents published by state agencies are listed in ISL’s online catalog.

The Indiana State Library uses Archive-It to preserve copies of born-digital Indiana State Documents that are hosted on the websites of Indiana State Government departments and agencies. This collection contains captures of Indiana state agency web pages and their linked publications such as annual reports, newsletters, plans, brochures, fact sheets and other online content


Indiana Constitution: Current 1851 Constitution with amendments (online)
ISL Subject guide to the Indiana Constitution (1816 and 1851)

Legislative Branch

Legislative History and Legislative Intent

Researchers are often interested in reviewing bill histories and legislative documents to try to determine why the state legislature enacted the law or why it used specific language, i.e. “legislative intent.” The Indiana General Assembly does not keep a verbatim transcript of any floor debates. Since 1816, both the Indiana House and Senate chambers have kept a daily journal of their proceedings to record motions and votes on legislation. No official record is made of debates, with the exception from 1858-1887; those transcribed debates are known as the Brevier Reports (IND. 328.71 I385), Online digitized copies.

Check the Indiana General Assembly website for the most current information, including reports from standing and interim committees. Older printed interim study committee reports may be listed in ISL’s online catalog.

Please note: To access Session archives back to 2014, go to Indiana General Assembly > Session, then click the current “[YEAR] Session” home page. On the right side there is a drop-down tab “Current [YEAR] Session” with options for previous years.

House and Senate Bills

Bills 2014-current (online, Indiana General Assembly > Legislation > Bills)
Bills 2000-2013 (online, Session Archives)
Bills 1980-1998 (microfilm, “Indiana General Assembly Bills” drawer, 2nd floor)
Bills 1975-1979 (paper, please see librarian)
Bills prior to 1975 are at the Indiana State Archives

House and Senate Journals

Journal of the House of Representatives: 1816-current, in print (IND. 328 i385Ljh)
House Journals: 2014-current (Session > Combined Journals)
House Journals: 2000-2013 (Online Archives > Additional Documents > Journals)
House Journals: 1816-1879 (ISL Internet Archive Collection)
Journal of the Senate: 1816-current, in print (IND. 328 i385Ljs)
Senate Journals: 2014-current (Session > Combined Journals)
Senate Journals: 2000-2013 (Online Archives > Additional Documents > Journals)
Senate Journals: 1816-1875 (ISL Internet Archive Collection)

Index to House and Senate Journals: 1975-current (IND. 328 i385Ljx) Provides lists of legislation by member, histories of bills and resolutions, and a subject index.

House and Senate Resolutions

Resolutions: 2014-current (Legislation > Resolutions)
Resolutions: 2000-2013 (Online Archives > Resolutions)
Resolutions usually appear full-text in the House and Senate Journals.

Indiana Code

The first official edition of Indiana Code was in 1976. For pre-1976 laws see the Indiana Acts or Burns Indiana Statutes. Use Historical Tables (online) to trace derivation of and disposition of statutes.

Indiana Code: 2009-current (Laws > Indiana Code)
Indiana Code: 1976-current, in print (IND.REF. 345.1 i385iba)
Indiana Code of 1971, [unofficial], in print: (IND. 345.1 i385ia)

Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated. Code Edition: 1972-current (IND. 345.1 i385); current set (IND.REF. 345.1 i385); Superseded volumes & supplements kept.

Indiana Acts (Session Laws)

Acts 2000-current (online, Indiana General Assembly > Laws > Acts)
Indiana Acts: 1817-current (IND. 345.1 i385); 1933-current (IND.REF. 345.1 i385)
Indiana Acts: 1817-1852 (ISL Digital Collection on

Burns Annotated Indiana Statutes: 1933-1971 (IND. 345.1 i385); Superseded volumes & supplements kept.
Annotated Indiana Statutes: 1894-1926 (IND. 345.1 i385)

Laws of the Indiana Territory: 1801-1816 (IND. REF. 345.1 i385Li; 1801-1809 online1809-1816 online)
Laws of the North West Territory: 1788-1800 (IND.REF 345.1 N879L; also online)

Secondary Sources for Legislative History

The Indiana State Library has an index to the Indianapolis Newspapers (1898-1978 card drawers, 1979-1991 online index) which may help determine when noteworthy laws were proposed or changed. ISL has a subscription to the ProQuest Indianapolis Star database from 1903-current for in-library use. Depending on the years being researched, other legislative coverage may be found in the following periodicals:
Howey Political Report, 1994-current (online)

Indiana Legislative Insight, 1989-2018 (IND. 328 I385LI)

Let’s Talk Politics (Ind. Chamber of Commerce), 1944-1948, 1950-1964, 1972-1990 (IND. 324 I385L)
Legislative Report (Ind. Chamber of Commerce),1957-2000 (IND. 328 I385Lr)
Legislative Ledger (Indiana Legislative Council), 1966-1970 (IND.[OS] 328.8 L514)

Executive Branch (Administrative)

Indiana Administrative Code

Rules and regulations written and promulgated by state agencies make up the Indiana Administrative Code. The Indiana Register provides public notice of state agency rule-making and includes proposed and recently adopted rules. Once rules and regulations become final, they are published in the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC).

Indiana Administrative Code: latest update (online)
Indiana Administrative Code archives: 2003-current (online)
Indiana Administrative Code: 1979-2004 (IND.REF. 345.1 i385iac)

Indiana Register

Contains proposed, emergency, and permanently adopted rules of state agencies, as well as Executive Orders of the Governor and Official Opinions of the Attorney General.

Indiana Register: October 2000-current (online)
Indiana Register:  July 1978-July 2006 (IND.REF. 345.1 i385iaca)

Pre-IAC Rules & Regulations

Additions and Revisions to the Rules and Regulations: 1947-1979 (IND. 350 i385r)
Burns' Indiana Administrative Rules and Regulations. Annotated: 1968-1975 (IND. 345 i385b)
Search ISL’s online catalog for older Rules & Regulations specific to a state agency.

Executive Orders

Executive Orders: 2017-current (online)
Executive Orders: 2013-2016 (online)
Executive Orders: 2005-2012 (online)
List of Executive Orders (PDF): July 1978-current (see printed or online Indiana Register)
Executive Orders prior to July 1978: Contact the Indiana State Archives
Pardons & Commutations 1890-1910: see Secretary of State Reports (IND. 353.9 I385ss)
Pardons and Commutations may also appear after the Governor’s Message to the General Assembly see House Journals (IND. 328 i385Ljh)

Attorney General

Indiana Attorney General Advisory Opinions (online): 2001-current
List of Indiana Attorney General's Opinions (PDF): July 1978-current (see printed or online Indiana Register)
Opinions of the Indiana Attorney General: 1873-1992 (IND. 340 I385ag)
Opinions of the Indiana Attorney General: 1933-1976 (online)

Secretary of State – Election Reports

Indiana Secretary of State Reports: 1876-1916 (IND.  353.9 I385ss) General Election only
Indiana Secretary of State.  Election Report: 1917-1950 see Year Book of the State of Indiana
Indiana Secretary of State.  Election Report: 1950-1970 (IND. 324 I385g) General Election only
Indiana Secretary of State.  Election Report: 1972-2010 (IND.  324 I385g) Primary and General
Indiana Secretary of State.  Election Report: 1950-1992 (ISL Digital Collection)
Indiana Secretary of State.  Election Results: 2002-current (online) Primary and General

Additional Agency Reports and Publications

Many current state agency reports and publications are posted online: Find an Agency or Agency Reports to the General Assembly.  Search for older printed versions of agency reports in ISL’s online catalog. Some digitized historical documents are in the Indiana Government Documents collection at Indiana Memory.

Documentary Journal of Indiana: 1835-1912 (IND. 328.7 i35); also 1835-1909 online
*Note: includes various reports of state agencies

Index to Documentary Journal of Indiana: 1835-1898 (online)

Year Book of the State of Indiana: 1917-1950 (IND. 328.7 IY and online)
Index to the Year Books 1917-1950 (online)
*Note: includes state agency reports and statistics, Primary and General Election Returns

Indiana Department of Health Monthly Bulletin: 1899-1991 (online)

Outdoor Indiana, Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources: Feb.1934-Nov./Dec.1993 (online);

Judicial Branch

Court Decisions & Cases

Blackford’s Indiana Reports: 1817-1847 (IND. 345.4 i385bs); all 8 volumes online
Indiana Reports: 1847-1981 (IND. 345.4 i385s); also 1847-1921 online
Reports of Appellate Court / Court of Appeals: 1891-1979 (IND. 345.4 i385a); also 1891-1921 online
West’s Indiana Cases (North Eastern Reporter): Sept. 1980-2017 (IND.REF. 348.772 i385)
*Note: North Eastern Reporter includes both Indiana Supreme Court and Indiana Court of Appeals decisions.

Indiana Decisions & Case Records: (June 2005 – present online)

Archive of early Indiana State Supreme Court cases: index of basic information from 1816 to 1872
Indiana Trial and Appellate Court cases: list of courts that use

Court Rules

Rules of the Supreme and Appellate Courts: 1854-1967 (IND. 345 I385R)
Indiana Rules of Procedure: effective January 1, 1970 (IND. 345 I385RA)
Indiana Court Rules by West Pub. Co.: 1971-1978 (IND. 347.7 I385ICR)
Indiana Rules of Court by Thomson/West: 1980-present (IND. 347.7 I385ICR; current IND.REF. 347.7 I385ICR)
Indiana Rules of Court: current online

*Note: Burns’ Indiana Code also contains Indiana Rules of Court.

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