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Indiana County Maps Atlases and Plat Books

The Indiana State Library has an extensive collection of maps, atlases, and plat books of Indiana counties. These items are valuable resources for historical and genealogical research from the beginning of statehood to the present.

You may access lists of maps, atlases, and plat books by clicking on the link to the desired county in the following table. Maps are listed in chronological order by title information or publication date. Reprinted or republished maps are listed under the original date of publication. Maps which include areas in multiple counties can be found in the list of each county for which there is coverage.

Please fill out a call slip for each item that you need and present it at the second floor reference desk. In addition to the call number and title, be sure to indicate on the call slip the size of map you are requesting (large, small, or dissected).

IND MH 8/20/2012