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Vermillion County

Biographical and historical record of Vermillion County, Indiana (Lewis Publishing, 1888)
977.201 V526b, original located in closed stacks, also available online

Clinton on the Wabash, a history of Clinton, Indiana, from 1816 through 1912 (Louise Booth, 1986)
977.201 V526zcb, copy located in closed stacks, revised edition available online (1994)

Clinton, Indiana (Clinton Chamber of Commerce, circa 1982)
977.201 V526zcc, copy located in closed stacks

Eugene Township (Vermillion County, Indiana) the first 100 years, 1824-1924 (Harold O’Donnell, 1963)
977.201 V526o, copy located at IND REF

Highland Township, Vermillion County, Indiana : the first 100 years, 1824-1924 (Earl R. Storms, 1974)
ISLI 977.201 V526s, copy located in closed stacks

History of Parke and Vermillion counties, Indiana, with historical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families (B.F. Bowen, 1913)
977.201 P237, copy located at IND REF,  also available online

Newport and Vermillion township, the first 100 years, 1824-1924, Vermillion County, Indiana (Harold O’Donnell, 1969)
977.201 V526vo, copy located at IND REF

People's guide; a business, political and religious directory of Vermillion County (Cline and McHaffie, 1874)
977.201 V526p, copy located at IND REF, also available online

Vermillion County, Indiana, index of names of persons and of firms
977.201 V526v, copy located at IND REF

Vermillion County, Indiana history & families (Turner Publishing, 1990)
977.201 V526vc, copy located at IND REF

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