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Pike County

A bicentennial celebration of Pike County, Indiana: 1816-2016 (Pike County Historical Society, 2020)
977.201 P635b, copy located at IND REF

History of Pike and Dubois counties, Indiana: from the earliest time to the present, with biographical sketches, reminiscences, notes, etc. Together with an extended history of the Northwest, the Indiana Territory, and the state of Indiana. Goodspeed Brothers& Co.  (1885)
977.201 P635, originals located in closed stacks, please use film at F2286 and Reel 42 No 147 or the reprint located at IND REF, also available online

A History of Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana (Peter Ferguson, 1925 and 1956)
[q] ISLI 977.201 P635zsh, copy located in closed stacks, Quarto, also available online

Our People of Pike County, Indiana (Ruth Miley McClellan, 1978)
977.201 P635ma, copy located at IND REF

Pike County History. Bicentennial edition, 1776-1976 (Pike County Historical Society and Pike County Bicentennial Committee, 1976)
977.201 P635m, copy located at IND REF

Pike County, Indiana, pictorial history (Pike County Historical Society, 2004)
[q] ISLI 977.201 P635p, copy located at IND REF Quarto

Pike County, Indiana index of names of persons and of firms
977.201 P635z, copy located at IND REF

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