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Jasper County

30 Years of Growth, 100 years of tradition (Demotte Chamber of Commerce, 1997)
977.201 J39zdt, copy located at IND REF

Biographical History of Tippecanoe, White, Jasper, Newton, Benton, Warren and Pulaski counties,
Indiana (Lewis Publishing Company, 1899)
977.201 T595bw V.1 & V.2, originals located in closed stacks, on film at F2179 and Reel 10 no. 44, reprint located at IND REF, also online Volume 1  Volume 2

Counties of Warren, Benton, Jasper and Newton, Indiana historical and biographical (F.A. Battey and Co., 1883)
977.201 W294, originals located in closed stacks, on film located at LH6232; F2171; and Reel 20 No. 73, reprint located at IND REF, also available online

History of Jasper County, Indiana, 1985 (Jasper-Newton Counties Genealogical Society, 1985)
[q] ISLI 977.201 J39hi, copy located at IND REF Quarto

History of the town of Remington and Vicinity, Jasper County, Indiana (James H. Royalty, 1894)
977.201 J39r, copies located in closed stacks, please use film at LH 11120, also available online

Jasper County, Indiana, index of names of persons and of firms
977.201 J39z, copy located at IND REF; also available online

Every name index to James Royalty's 1894 The Town of Remington and vicinity, Jasper County Indiana
977.201 J39rsi, copy located at IND REF

Remington centennial historical souvenir book; one hundred years of progress, 1860-1960 (Remington Centennial Committee, 1960)
977.201 J39zrr, copy located at IND REF

Remington Centennial Scrapbook, 1860-1960 (Ray E. Atkinson)
977.201 J39zra, copy located in closed stacks

Sketches of Jasper County (Beulah Arnott and the Jasper County Historical Society, 1983/1986?)
977.201 J39a, copy located in closed stacks        

A standard History of Jasper and Newton counties, Indiana; authentic narrative of the past, with an extended survey of modern developments in the progress of town and country (Lewis Publishing, 1916)
977.201 J39h, copies located at IND REF, also available online Volume 1 & Volume 2       

Wheatfield Centennial, 1883-1983 (Wheatfield Historical Society, 1983?)
977.201 J39zww, copy located in closed stacks                 

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