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Floyd County

1813-1913, Souvenir History, New Albany Centennial Celebration, October 12 to 16, 1913. (New Albany Centennial Committee, 1913)
977.201 F645na, copy located in closed stacks

Biographical and historical souvenir for the counties of Clark, Crawford, Harrison, Floyd, Jefferson, Jennings, Scott and Washington, Indiana. (John M Gresham Company, 1889)
977.201 C592g, originals located in closed stacks, please use reprint located at IND REF, also available online

A Community Profile of New Albany on the Ohio (New Albany Economic Development Commission, 1976?)
977.201 F645znc, copy located in closed stacks

Falls of the Ohio. Falls of the Ohio State Park
977.201 F645fa, copies located in closed stacks, library has summer 1992 and Jan 1993

Floyd County, Indiana index of names of persons and of firms (WPA, 1939)
977.201 F645z, copy located at IND REF, also available online

Historic Homes of New Albany Indiana (Barksdale and Sekula, 2015)
977.201 F645znh, copy located in Browsing and in closed stacks

Historic New Albany, Indiana: by the river's edge (photographs by Robin Hood, 2012)
Quarto 977.201 F645zncr, copy located in closed stacks

New Albany on the Ohio; historical review, 1813-1963 (Betty Lou Amster, 1963)
977.201 F645a, copies located in closed stacks      

New Albany, Indiana. Its material interests and manufacturing and commercial advantages (Charles W. Cottom, 1873)
977.201 F645c, copy located in closed stacks             

New Albany, Ind.; its advantages and surroundings; history of a progressive manufacturing city, compiled under the auspices of the Commercial club. (D.P. Robbins, 1892)
977.201 F645n, copy located in closed stacks, also available online   

New Albany as she appeared to some of her people in the autumn of 1903 (New Albany Commercial Club)
977.201 F645nn, copies located in closed stacks

New Albany progress edition, January 31, 1965. Ledger-Tribune
[f] ISLI 977.201 F645znL, copy located in closed stacks, Folio               

New Albany (Gregg Seidl, Images of America series, 2006)
977.201 F645zns, copy located at IND REF

New Albany in vintage postcards (David C. Barksdale, Postcard History series, 2005)
977.201 F645znba, copy located at IND REF

Nineteenth Century River Town, social-economic study of New Albany, Indiana (Victor M. Bogle, Thesis (Ph.D.)--Boston University, 1951)
IND MF 977.201 F645znb 1950z, copy located at IND Microfilm

Picturesque New Albany representing the business, official, religious, educational and social relations of New Albany, Indiana (Spencer Holmes Wood, 1923)
977.201 F645p, copy located at IND REF, also available online

Probing the Wonders of the Falls, an educator's illustrated activity guidebook for exploring the Falls of the Ohio (Kenny Karem, EPA, 1996)
977.201 F645k, copy located at IND REF

A Review of Life in New Albany During the Past One Hundred Years (New Albany Tribune, 1913)
[f] ISLI 977.201 F645nr, copy located in closed stacks, Folio

Sketches of New Albany, Indiana and vicinity, 1813-1893 (Daughters of the American Revolution. Piankeshaw Chapter, 1959)
977.201 F645d, copy located at IND REF       

Visionaries, adventurers, and builders historical highlights of the Falls of the Ohio (Carl E. Kramer, 1999)
977.201 F645kr, copy located at IND REF         


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