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Selected American Indian Genealogical Resources

Kim Tall Bear

Native American DNA : tribal belonging and the false promise of genetic science

ISLG 929.11 T1475

Jeff Bowen

1932 Hopi and Navajo Native American census, with birth & death rolls

ISLG 929.11 B786h 2013

Eastern Cherokee census : Cherokee, North Carolina, 1923-1929

ISLG 975.6 B786EA

Oglala Sioux Indians Pine Ridge Reservation

ISLG 929.11 B786OGL

Choctaw by blood enrollment cards, 1898-1914

ISLG 929.11 B786CHOC

Cherokee intruder cases : dockets of hearings, 1901-1909

ISLG 929.11 B786CHEH

Cherokee intermarried white, 1906

ISLG 929.11 B786CHE

Applications for enrollment of Chickasaw Newborn, Act of 1905

ISLG 929.11 B786CA

Applications for enrollment of Seminole Newborn Freedmen, Act of 1905

ISLG 929.11 B786SEMF

Applications for Enrollment of Choctaw Newborn, Act of 1905

ISLG 929.11 B786CHO

North Carolina Eastern Cherokee Indian census, 1898-1899, 1904, 1906, 1909-1912, 1914

ISLG 975.6 B786EB 2012

Applications for enrollment of Seminole Newborn, Act of 1905

ISLG 929.11 B786SEM

Complete Delaware roll of 1898

ISLG 976.6 B786DEL

Cherokee descendants: an index to the Guion Miller applications

ISLG 929.11 B786CHED

Jeff Bowen (cont)

Seminole of Florida Indian census, 1930-1940 with birth and death records, 1930-1938

ISLG 975.9 B786SEM

Applications for enrollment of Creek newborn, Act of 1905

ISLG 929.11 B786CR

Chickasaw by blood enrollment cards

ISLG 929.11 B786c

Cherokee Citizenship Commission dockets

ISLG 929.11 B786CHEC

Indian wills, 1911-1921 : records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

ISLG 929.11 B786I

Census of the Blackfeet : Montana, 1897-1898

ISLG 929.11 B786bLc

Eastern Cherokee census : Cherokee, North Carolina, 1915-1922

ISLG 975.6 B786E

Turtle Mountain Reservation, Chippewa Indians 1932 census : with births & deaths, 1924-1932

ISLG 929.11 T962chi

Native American wills and probate records, 1911-1921: including 76 never before published wills

ISLG 929.11 B786NAW

Western Navajo Reservation, Navajo, Hopi and Paiute 1933 census with birth & death rolls, 1925-1933

ISLG 929.11 W5273NAV

Eastern Cherokee by blood, 1906-1910 : from the U.S. Court of Claims, 1906-1910, Cherokee-related records of Special Commissioner Guion Miller

ISLG 929.11 E13C

w/ George W. Fields

Texas Cherokees, 1820-1839 : a document for litigation, 1921

ISLG 976.4 F461CHE

w/ E. E. Starr

Starr roll, 1894 (Cherokee payment rolls)

ISLG 929.11 S796st

Angela Y. Walton Raji

Black Indian genealogy research: African American ancestors among the Five Civilized Tribes

ISLG 929.11 N393WB 2007

Rachal M Lennon

Tracing ancestors among the Five Civilized Tribes : Southeastern Indians prior to Removal

ISLG 929.11 L567T

Gail Morin

First M├ętis families of Quebec

ISLG 929.171 M858FMQ

Homer A Walker

Cherokee Indian Census of 1835 for the state of Tennessee

ISLG 976.8 W179c

Kingfisher family records of the Cherokee nation.

ISLG 929.2 K54W

Kent Carter

The Dawes Commission and the allotment of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1893-1914

ISLG 929.11 C323D

Paula K. Byers

Native American Genealogical Sourcebook

ISLG 929.11 N278G

Jeremy D. Bangs

Indian deeds: land transactions in Plymouth colony 1620 – 1691

ISLG 974.401 P738BJ

Lucy Kate McGhee

Eastern Cherokee Records

ISLG 929.11 M145e

Eastern Cherokee Walkers' claims of people by the name Walker intermarried with the Cherokee Indians. ISLG 929.2 W177m

William L. Byrd III

For so long as the sun and moon endure: Indian records from the North Carolina General Assembly sessions & other sources

ISLG 975.6 B995F

Against the peace and dignity of the state : North Carolina Laws regarding slaves, free persons of color, and Indians

ISLG 975.6 B995A 2007

Villainy often goes unpunished : Indian records from the North Carolina General Assembly sessions, 1675-1789     ISLG 975.6 B995V 2012

Eric Grundset

Forgotten Patriots: African and American Indian patriots in the Revolutionary War : a guide to service

ISLG 973.34 A11FO

Guy Nixon

Finding your native American Ancestors

ISLG 929.11 N736F 2012

Raymond A Winslow Jr

Perquimans County history: Native Americans, proprietary period, and early Quakers : A meeting of the cultures

ISLG 975.601 P453WI

Dixie Bogle and Dorothy Nix

Cherokee Nation marriages 1884 – 1901: abstracted from Indian chieftain newspapers

ISLG 976.6 B675CHE

James Tyner

Those who cried : the 16,000 : a record of the individual Cherokees listed in the United States official census of the Cherokee Nation conducted in 1835

ISLG 929.11 T988T

Jerry Wright Jordan

Cherokee by blood: Records of Eastern Cherokee in the US Court of Claims, 1906 –1910

ISLG 929.11 J82C

Richard L Pangborn

Indian Blood

ISLG 929.11 P191i

Kay E Kirkham

Our Native Americans and their records of genealogical value

ISLG 929 K59O

Charlene Hook

1851 Drennen Roll of the Cherokee Indians

ISLG 976.6 H781E

Shirley Hoskins

Cherokee blood (tsa-la-gi-yi gi-gv)

ISLG 976.6 H826C

Jo Ann Curls Page

Extract of the rejected applications of the Guion Miller roll of the Eastern Cherokee

ISLG 929.11 P132E

Cecelia Svith Carpenter How to research American Indian bloodlines : a manual on Indian genealogical research ISLG 929.11 C295h

Charlotte Magee Tucker, Jeanne Robey Felldin

Index to the 1835 census of the Cherokee Indians east of the Mississippi

ISLG 929.11 I38I

Raymond Lantz

The Potawatomi Indians of Michigan, 1843-1904 : including some Ottawa and Chippewa, 1843-1866 and Potawatomi of Indiana, 1869 and 1885

ISLG 977.4 L296p 2007

David Keith Hampton

Cherokee Reservees

ISLG 929.11 H232C

William L McDowell, State of South Carolina

Documents relating to Indian affairs, May 21, 1750-August 7, 1754

ISLG 975.7 S726JD

Fay Arellano Delaware trails : some tribal records, 1842-1907 ISLG 929.11 A679D

US commission to the five civilized tribes

Index to the final rolls of citizens and freedmen of the five civilized tribes in Indian territory

ISLG 929.11 U58F INDEX

Cherokee DNA Studies : real people who proved the geneticists wrong ISLG 929.11 Y37CH

Donald P. Ricky

Encyclopedia of Indiana Indians

ISLG 977.2 E56I

Jerome D. Segel

The Wampanoag genealogical history of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts : referenced to Banks' History of Martha's Vineyard, Mass

ISLG E99.W2 .S44 2003

Annie W. Burns Ward families history records of the Eastern Cherokee Indian tribe, copied at the National archives of Washington, D.C. to honor the famous Cherokee woman, Nancy Ward of Tennessee. ISLG 929.2 W256B

Richard L. Haithcock - Occaneechie Saponi and Tutelo of the Saponi nation, aka Piedmont Catawba : southeastern Indian refugees from Virginia, the Carolinas and Tennessee in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan ISLG 929.11 H153o

Jack D. Baker - Cherokee emigration rolls, 1817-1835 ISLG 929.11 B167C

Sandi Garrett Descendants of James Starr, Sr. & Nellie "Maw" Maugh "Ani-Yun-Wi-Ya" (real people) ISLG 929.2 S796G

Emmett Starr - Old Cherokee families “Old families and their genealogy” reprinted from History of the Cherokee Indians and their legends and folklore ISLG 929.11 S796O

George Bell Genealogy of "old & new Cherokee Indian families 929.11 B433g 1979

Bob Blankenship

Guion Miller roll “plus” Eastern Cherokee East and West of Mississippi “1909”

ISLG 929.11 B642G

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