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Selected Genetic Genealogy Resources

Print Resources

929.2 B187BGS

Ball, Edward. The genetic strand : exploring a family history through DNA. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2007.

929 B534FA

Berry, Kenyatta D. The family tree toolkit : a comprehensive guide to uncovering your ancestry and researching genealogy. New York, NY : Skyhorse Publishing, [2018].

929 B565GE

Bettinger, Blaine T. and Wayne, Debbie Parker. Genetic genealogy in practice. Arlington, VA : National Genealogical Society, [2016].

929 B565FA

Bettinger, Blaine T. The family tree guide to DNA testing and genetic genealogy. Cincinnati, Ohio : Family Tree Books, [2016].

929 D691G

Doolin-Aulicino, Emily F. Genetic genealogy : the basics and beyond. Bloomington, IN : Authorhouse, 2014, c2013.


Dowell, David R. NextGen genealogy : the DNA connection. Santa Barbara, California : Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2015].

929 E375RED

Elder, Diana, et. al. Research like a pro with DNA : a genealogist’s guide to finding and confirming ancestors with DNA evidence. Highland, Utah : Family Locket Books, [2021].

929 F559D

Fitzpatrick, Colleen. DNA and genetic genealogy. Fountain Valley, CA : Rice Book Press, c2005.

929 H645F 2017

Hill, Richard. Finding family : my search for roots and the secrets in my DNA. [Sanger, California] : Familius LLC, [2017].

929 H7585TR

Holton, Graham S., et. al. Tracing your ancestors using DNA : a guide for family and local historians. South Yorkshire, England : Pen & Sword Books, 2019.

929 K365DNA

Kennett, Debbie. DNA and social networking : a guide to genealogy in the twenty-first century. Strud : History Press, 2011.

929 K91H

Krause, Carol. How healthy is your family tree? : a complete guide to tracing your family’s medical and behavioral history. New York : Simon & Schuster, [1995].

929 K925U

Krimsky, Sheldon. Understanding DNA Ancestry. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2022.

929 L477D

Lee, Andrew and Lee, Devon Noel. DNA Q & A: real questions from real people about genetic genealogy. [Humble, Texas] : FHF Group, LLC, [2018].

929 M4685G

Mayflower, James. Genealogy: DNA and the family tree. [Columbia, SC] : [2017].

929.2 M5684M

Merrick, Daniel W. The royal DNA of Meyrick, Myrick, Merrick family : ancestry genealogical evidence and DNA. Smethport, PA : Eternal Light & Power Company Publishing, [2017].

929 P785D

Pomery, Chris. DNA and family history: how genetic testing can advance your genealogical research. Toronto : Dundurn Group, [2004].

929 P785F

Pomery, Chris. Family history in the genes : trace your DNA and grow your family tree. Kew: National Archives, 2007.

929 R318s

Redmonds, George et. al. Surnames, DNA and family history. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.

929 S666TRA

Smolenyak, Megan and Turner, Ann. Trace your roots with DNA: using genetic tests to explore your family tree. [Emmaus, Pa.] : Rodale ; [New York] : Distributed to the trade by Holzbrinck Publishers, c2004.

929 S796H

Starr, D. Barry A handy guide to paternity, relationship, and ancestry DNA tests : help in picking the right test and in interpreting the results. D. Barry Starr, [2017].

929 S7265Y

Southard, Diahan. Your DNA guide, the book : step-by-step plans to connect you with your family using your DNA. [United States] : Your DNA Guide, [2020].

929 V222G

Vance, J. David. The genealogist’s guide to Y-DNA testing for genetic genealogy. [J. David Vance], [2020].

929 A2445GE

Wayne, Debbie Parker. Advanced genetic genealogy : techniques and case studies. Cushing, Texas : Wayne Research, 2019.

DNA and Adoption

929.2 A545AP

Anderson, Don. Paper and spit : family found how DNA and genealogy revealed my first parents’ identity. [North Charleston, South Carolina] : [CreateSpace], [2017].

929 B496L

Berger, Geraldine. Living in the know : the adoptee’s quick-start guide to finding family with DNA testing. [Rhode Island?] : Byram Books, [2021].

929.2 B5983B

Billingsley, Frank. Swabbed & found : an adopted man’s DNA journey to discover his family tree. Houston, Texas : Bright Sky Press, [2017].

929 H645F 2017

Hill, Richard. Finding family : my search for roots and the secrets in my DNA. [Sanger, California] : Familius LLC, [2017].

929 K595D

Kirkpatrick, Brianne and Combs-Bennett, Shannon. The DNA guide for adoptees : how to use genealogy and genetics to uncover your roots, connect with your biological family, and better understand your medical history. [United States] : [Brianne Kirkpatrick and Shannon Combs-Bennett], [2019].


Weinberg, Tamar. The adoptee’s guide to DNA testing : how to use genetic genealogy to discover your long-lost family. Cincinnati, OH : Family Tree Books, [2018].

DNA and Ethnic Heritage

929.11 N393D 2013

Day, Aaron L. DNA to Africa : the search continues. West Conshohocken, Pa. : Infinity Pub., 2013.

929.2 D287DEB

Deboeck, Guido J. Flemish DNA & ancestry : history of three families over five centuries using conventional and genetic genealogy : includes Flanders-Flemish DNA project. Arlington, VA : Dorkus Publishing, [2007].

929.2 D287DEB

Hart, Anne. Where to find your Arab-American or Jewish genealogy records : also: Mediterranean, Assyrian, Iranian, Greek & Armenian. New York : ASJA Press, [2005].

977.302 C532KRU 2018

Kruski, Jason. A guide to Chicago and Midwestern Polish-American genealogy. Baltimore, Maryland : Printed for Clearfield Company by Genealogical Publishing Company, 2018.

929.11 T1475

TallBear, Kimberly. Native American DNA : tribal belonging and the false promise of genetic science. Minneapolis, MN : University of Minnesota Press, 2013.

929.11 Y37CH

Yates, Donald N. and Yates, Teresa A. Cherokee DNA studies : real people who proved the geneticists wrong. Phoenix, Arizona : Panther’s Lodge Publishers, [2014].

Internet Resources

Access Genealogy

Provides an overview of genetic genealogy as well as articles to better understand topics such as DNA tests, kits, and breaking through brick walls using DNA.

Central Indiana DNA Interest Group

Non-profit organization that provides education on the benefits of genealogical DNA testing. Central Indiana DNA Group (CIDIG) staff may be available to assist you with your DNA questions in one-on-one 15-minute consultation sessions on the second Saturday of the month. To learn about how to schedule an appointment for a free DNA consultation, please click here.

Cyndi’s List DNA, Genetics & Family Health

Cyndi’s List offers a collection of DNA, Genetics & Family Health websites. It also provides thousands of genealogy related websites by category on its site.

International Society of Genetic Genealogy

The mission of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy is to advocate for and educate about the use of genetics as a tool for genealogical research while promoting a supportive network for genetic genealogists.

Learn Genetics

University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center provides information and resources on basic genetics, genetic science, genetic disorders, family health history, and more.

Library of Congress Research Guide - Genetic Genealogy: DNA and Family History

Research guide with information on genetic genealogy and how DNA science can help genealogists expand their family tree.

The Genetic Genealogist blog

This blog explores news and topics related to genetic genealogy and genealogy research.

National Library of Medicine – Help Me Understand Genetics – Genetic Testing

Offers diverse article on genetic testing topics such as screening tests, costs, and benefits as well as a page on understanding genetics.

NGS Committee on Genetic Genealogy

National Genealogical Society Committee on Genetic Genealogy provides basic information on why a person should take a DNA test, what types of tests are available, some of the companies that offer tests, and more.

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