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CARES Act Mini-Grant Program Application

FAQ | Application

The new CARES Act Mini-Grant Program helps all types of libraries in Indiana respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stimulus funding for this grant comes to the State Library via LSTA funds from the federal appropriation made to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

LSTA CARES Act Grant funding (Public Law 116-136; 20 U.S.C.§9101 et seq.) is provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Indiana State Library to enable libraries to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, including by expanding digital network access, purchasing Internet accessible devices, and providing technical support to their communities.

This CARES Act Mini-Grant application period will be closing Thursday, October 1, 2020 (11:59 pm).

The Indiana State Library’s CARES Act Mini-Grant Program reimburses participating libraries up to $1,400 for expenses in the following categories:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Facilities Supplies and Services, including
    • Masks, facial shields, gloves, sanitizer, and wipes
    • Plexiglass shields
    • Washable keyboards/mice, webcams
    • Curbside service stanchions/signage
    • And all other items related to preventing and protecting staff and patrons against COVID-19
  • Hotspots and Digital Inclusion Supplies and Services, including
    • Mobile devices
    • Signal boosters/antennae
    • Wireless routers and corresponding subscriptions with a specific subscription end date, not to exceed the grant period
    • Remote learning/videoconferencing platforms with a specific subscription end date, not to exceed the grant period
  • E-content, including
    • E-books, digital movies and music
    • Databases

Only items purchased within the grant term (May 6, 2020 – April 1, 2021) will be eligible for reimbursement. This includes data plans and service contracts.


When is the deadline?

CARES Act Mini-Grant applications will be accepted through 11:59 p.m., October 1, 2020. You will receive notification of your application status via email

What is the grant term?

Because this is a reimbursement grant, receipts for allowable expenses dating from May 6, 2020 to April 1, 2021 will be accepted.

How many CARES Act Mini-Grants is my library eligible to receive?

Public libraries: One per library system
A public library system with multiple branches is eligible for one grant to share—not one grant per branch location in the system.

Academic libraries: One per campus
An academic library is eligible to share one grant with libraries on the same campus or branch location. A college or university library system may apply for one grant per campus or branch location.

Can I save the application once I start and return later to finish it?

Applications must be completed in ONE SITTING.

Must my institution be CIPA Compliant to receive a CARES Act Mini-Grant grant?

For additional information about CIPA, please see  An Update on Filtering – Focusing on Use of IMLS Funds from the CARES Act (PDF).

If awarded, how will my library receive the grant funds?

Grantees will need to submit a single online Claims for Reimbursement form, along with emailing related receipts, to anfox@library.in.gov. Receipts for allowable expenses dating from May 6, 2020 to April 1, 2021 will be accepted. All receipts on or before April 15, 2021

After you submit your completed reimbursement claim and receipts, you will receive the funds via an electronic funds transfer.

What documentation do I need to submit after I fill out the Claims for Reimbursement form? 

To receive reimbursement, you must submit documentation that includes the following: 

Indication of items purchased. This could be in the form of an itemized receipt, invoice, or quotation. 

Proof of payment.  Acceptable documentation includes: 

  • A copy of a check 
  • An ACH or EFT statement showing a direct deposit made to the vendor 
  • A copy of a receipt indicating cash/check/card payment made 

If an order is placed with an online vendor, we will need confirmation that the order was shipped. For example, the “order confirmation” generated at time of purchase on amazon.com will not be acceptable without additional documentation; it offers an itemized list of items and proof of payment, but shows the items as pending shipment. An invoice generated from amazon includes all of the above, as well as the dates that the items were shipped, and would therefore be acceptable on its own. 

Should you have additional questions, please contact the LSTA Consultant, Angela Fox, at anfox@library.in.gov.