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Microform Reading Area Policy

Microfilm and microfiche of some of the Indiana State Library's most frequently used collections are located in the Second Floor South Reading Area. This includes:

  • United States census records and soundexes
  • Military service records
  • Passenger Lists
  • State and County Records/Tax Lists
  • Mortality Schedules
  • Indiana Newspapers
  • Federal Government Publications

Patrons are not required to sign up for a reader/printer unless the number of patrons exceeds the number of machines. Then a waiting list will be started and a two hour time limit will be enforced.

Microform assistants can provide information, assistance with operating the machine, or assistance concerning copy procedures.

You may retrieve the microform you wish to use. If you need assistance, staff will help you locate material. It is recommended that you take no more than two (2) reels at a time.

After using the microform, rewind microfilm onto its original reel and place the microfilm back into its box. Place microfilm boxes and microfiche on top of cabinets. Please do not refile material in the drawers.

If you received your film or fiche at the Microform Service Desk, please return it to the Service Desk.

Return damaged film to the Microform Service Desk.

Please turn off the reader when you are not using it.

Adopted by the Indiana State Library and Historical Board
Date: February 14, 2003