2015 Howey Political Report

Date Headline Article File Name
1/15/2015 Power 50: Budgets, mayors, presidents HPI150115.pdf
1/22/2015 If Sen. Coats doesn’t run, who does? HPI150122.pdf
1/29/2015 Pence’s greatest policy achievement HPI150129.pdf
2/5/2015 Is Indiana’s middle class dying? HPI150205.pdf
2/12/2015 Pence’s politics impacting policy HPI150212.pdf
2/19/2015 Meth baby step sans leadership HPI150219.pdf
2/26/2015 On the campaign trail with Gov. Pence HPI150226.pdf
3/12/2015 Rogers sizes up Indy terror targets HPI150312.pdf
3/19/2015 Cardwell’s vision for ‘big tent’ GOP HPI150319.pdf
3/26/2015 Scramble to join the Hoosier Senate 9 HPI150326.pdf
4/2/2015 Personal beliefs and Pence’s dilemma HPI150402.pdf
4/9/2015 Picking up the pieces after RFRA fiasco HPI150409.pdf
4/16/2015 HPI Poll: Historic damage to Pence brand HPI150416.pdf
4/23/2015 HPI Poll: Pence still strong with GOP HPI150423.pdf
4/30/2015 Education session roars back at sine die HPI150430.pdf
5/7/2015 Pelath studying gubernatorial race HPI150507.pdf
5/14/2015 INSenate race begins to take shape HPI150514.pdf
5/28/2015 Pence in, Pelath out, and Ritz coming HPI150528.pdf
6/4/2015 Ritz eyes ed showdown with Pence HPI150604.pdf
6/11/2015 The hacking assault on Americans HPI150611.pdf
6/18/2015 IN Senate race impacts trade vote HPI150618.pdf
6/25/2015 Gov. Pence prepares to pick a fight HPI150625.pdf
7/1/2015 A riveting week that changed America HPI150701.pdf
7/14/2015 Young’s Senate focus on U.S. security HPI150714.pdf
7/30/2015 Solutions for low Indiana vote turnout HPI150730.pdf
8/6/2015  Sen. Donnelly gives Gov. Pence cover HPI150806.pdf
8/13/2015 Delph ponders GOP Senate race twist HPI150813.pdf
8/20/2015 McIntosh, Club to bundle $1M for Marlin HPI150820.pdf
8/27/2015 Democrats unite as jobs issue emerges HPI150827.pdf 
9/10/2015 Horse Race: Gauging mayoral races HPI150910.pdf 
9/17/2015 Delph, shutdown reshape INSen race HPI150917.pdf 
9/24/2015 Subaru’s political evolution in Indiana HPI150924.pdf 
10/1/2015 Messer seeks GOP ‘common agenda’ HPI151001.pdf 
10/8/2015 American massacre: We’re on our own HPI151008.pdf 
10/15/2015 Young cash lead in unconventional cycle HPI151015.pdf 
10/27/2015 An important week for the 2016 cycle HPI151027.pdf 
11/5/2015 Speaker Bosma’s unique challenges HPI151105.pdf 
11/12/2015 Advancing broadband (under the radar) HPI151112.pdf 
11/19/2015 Civil rights debate begins without Pence HPI151119.pdf 
12/1/2015 Sen. Long girds for SB100, reelection HPI151201.pdf 
12/10/2015 Republican flirt with a strongman HPI151210.pdf 
12/27/2015 Gov. Pence: A ‘servant leader’ listens HPI151217.pdf 

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