2006 Howey Political Report

Date Headline Article Keywords / Descriptors File Name
1/5/2006 Change agents, anti-incumbency shape HPR's 50 most influential list Dan Burton, Jack Abramoff, money, charity, Brian Bosma, prayer, Troy Woodruff, abortion, telecommunications, Chris Chocola, Iraq HPR1219.pdf
1/15/2006 Daniels talks reform; press highlights tax hike Also in this issue Interview with Mitch Daniels HPR1220.pdf
1/19/2006 Garton coming to grips with political volcano The cost of healthcare based on the states health insurance plan; cut funding lead to job exodus? HPR1221.pdf
1/26/2006 Budak, Neese on the major moves hot seat Weak Republicans are needed to vote in favor of Daniels 3.8 billion dollar lease on the toll road HPR1222.pdf
2/2/2006 With major moves, resettling the equation Daniels garners support for toll road lease, Interview with mayor Richard, Gov split on ISTEP HPR1223.pdf
2/9/2006 Can Garton be defeated? Coriden makes his case 36 year Senator challenged for seat; also, Lugar on the War in Iraq and Evan Bayh on labor HPR1224.pdf
2/12/2006 Retirement wave subdued but the locals are coming Local officials seeking retirement due to cut of state health insurance also Mitch Daniels on major moves and Evan Bayh on foreign policy HPR1225.pdf
2/23/2006 Hoosier xenophobia nationalizing over ports Reaction to deal with Dubai to trade with Hoosier ports, also, Bayh on Dubai deal and interview with Rep. Sodrel HPR1226.pdf
3/2/2006 Major moves passes Senate Daniels transportation plan passes senate, also, Bayh on gas prices and Bush's popularity HPR1227.pdf
3/9/2006 The major moves Star Wars Transportation bill meets resistance, also, interview with chairman Dan Parker, Bush's number sag, and Evan Bayh on early spring HPR1228.pdf
3/16/2006 GOP's finest hour Transportation Bill passes, also, analysis of this session, Hoosiers and globalization, Lugar on Global warming HPR1229.pdf
3/23/2006 "Bring Em on" Bush's visit to Indiana contrary to low approval ratings, also, Bayh to New Hampshire  and Mayor King Resignation HPR1230.pdf
3/30/2006 Immigrant Wars Immigration in Indiana, also, interview with Andy Jacobs Jr., Bayh works New Hampshire and passing over time HPR1231.pdf
4/13/2006 Had enough? A wave develops Poll shows Baron Hill up 10 percent, $3 gas,immigration dilemma and war, interview with Todd Rokita, Bayh talks security HPR1232.pdf
4/20/2006 War Republicans stay the course Republicans continue to support war in Iraq, also, interview with Mike Pence, Bayh raises 10 million dollars, Rise of latino power in Indiana HPR1233.pdf
4/27/2006 How deep will voter anger be? Hoosiers respond to negative campaign adds/ tax hike, also Bayh on alternative energy sources. HPR1234.pdf
5/4/2006 The flogging of Senate hubris trouble with voting numbers, also, Senate leadership battle, Bayh on electoral college, Donelly vs. Chocola and gun control groups HPR1235.pdf
5/18/2006 House Battle: Vision vs. Anger HPR will monitor 27 house seats as parties fight for power, also, Immigration as top issue and Bayh seeks the center HPR1236.pdf
5/25/2006 3 Congressional seats in play Also, Bayh on moderate course, Daniels in DC, Horse Race: Pearson vs. Rokita HPR1237.pdf
6/1/2006 Sore Dems search for soul Democrats in favor of Transportation Bill, also this issue, Interview with Sen. Simpson HPR1238.pdf
6/8/2006 A step back from nightmare Democrats rally against Daniels, War in Iraq and Daylight savings time HPR1239.pdf
6/15/2006 Peterson leans to '07 re-elect Peterson leaning towards running for re-election in 2007 HPR1240.pdf
6/22/2006 GOP defiant (but worried) Republicans worried about loss of congressional seats HPR1241.pdf
6/29/2006 Daniels' Jobs Motherlode Honda, major moves cap stunning week HPR1242.pdf
7/13/2006 Is Bayh the anti-Hillary? Bayh could challenge Hillary for presidential nod in 08 HPR1243.pdf
7/20/2006 A Bizarre tsunami epicenter Republicans worry about losing control of three seats in House HPR1244.pdf
7/27/2006 Dem poll gains; no sale yet Democrats ahead in polls in Northern Indiana HPR1245.pdf
8/10/2006 Democrats step on the gas Democrats call for investigation on price gouging by gasoline retailers HPR1301.pdf
8/17/2006 Gov. Bayh, 10 years later How have the governor and Evan Bayh changed in 10 years HPR1302.pdf
8/24/2006 Buyer: War "Beyond 5 years" Steve Buyer campaigns for better equipment for U.S. Soldiers in Iraq HPR1303.pdf
8/31/2006 The Pro Tem deal In 1980, a deal by Harrison & Gorton shaped power for years HPR1304.pdf
9/14/2006 GOP at Bush's precipice Bush's decision to go to war having negative effect on Hoosier Republicans HPR1306.pdf
9/21/2006 Bush uptick, but Donnelly up Bush's and GOP ratings plummet nationally/ in Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly leading in polls HPR1307.pdf
9/28/2006 The 9/11 states craft of Roemer Political profile of Roemer also this issue Bayh's 14 trips to Iowa and HPR forum Agenda HPR1308.pdf
10/5/2006 GOP's "weekends Horribilus" 3 CD seats shift towards Democrats also this issue, The Foley fallout in 8of 9 CD's HPR1309.pdf
10/12/2006 The metrics of Pence, Roemer Heros of flight 93 (September 11) also Lugar surveys Axis of Evil and Bayh gains from Warners exit HPR1310.pdf
10/19/2006 Indiana's runaway congressman Political profile John Hostettler, also this issue Barack Obama comes to Indy, Interview of Birch Bayh, and house scorecard 51R-45D HPR1311.pdf
10/26/2006 Five Indiana CDs fully in play If Republican incumbents lose Control of House could shift to Democrats, also this issue Mayor Richard says no to 08, House scorecard 50R-50D, court upholds auto dialer ban HPR1312.pdf
11/2/2006 Iraq: a four letter word in CD races Democrats barely mention central issue of Iraq in 06 elections, also this issue, Sautter preparing for recounts HPR1313.pdf
11/9/2006 GOP apocalypse: Iraq, Iraq, Iraq 3 democrats ride Iraq issue into Congress, also this issue 2006 election stories, Midterms good for Bayh HPR1314.pdf
11/16/2006 Indiana House post-mortem Democrats gain control of House, also this issue Mayoral 2007 roundup, Hill, Donnelly, Ellsworth in DC HPR1315.pdf
11/30/2006 Lugar exits chair amid Iraq chaos Also this issue, Legacy of a governor, Mayor Burke awaits a democrat, Democrats aim at FSSA reforms HPR1316.pdf
12/7/2006 Hamilton Bayh and Iraq disaster Indiana congressmen speak out against Iraq war, also this issue, Democrats aim at FSSA reforms HPR1317.pdf
12/14/2006 Gov. Daniels and a future view Daniels 190th statehood address, also this issue, Reforming state country, government, Bayh has a lot of NH friends HPR1318.pdf
12/20/2006 End of the 20th century politics Technology and young people to play a key role in future elections, also this issue, Feds OK FSSA contract HPR1319.pdf

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