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From the passage of the U.S. Constitution in 1787 and to the impending presidential campaigns of 2012, voting and elections have made indelible marks on the country. The Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27, serves as an outline and timeline of events in American history regarding voting and elections, as well as the rights and privileges granted to the citizens of these United States.

The following Research Guide provides a brief list of materials specific to voting and elections in the United States from 1787 through the present. Please contact the Reference & Government Services Division of the Indiana State Library for assistance in finding these materials. For information on Indiana-specific elections, please see the Indiana Subject Guide.

Congressional Information





US Constitution



Bill of Rights



Amendments 11-27


pd 328 H2o v.1

Action of the Senate and House of Representatives relative to examining and counting the electoral votes for president and vice president of the U.S., 1789-1869, Senate.


pd324 Un58tes

Presidential election investigation, House committee on alleged frauds in presidential election of 1876.


pd324 Un58e

Electoral vote of certain states: testimony, Senate committee on privileges and elections.


pd328 i1a v.9

(Suffrage)Committee on Woman Suffrage report on amendment.


pd328.i7s v.26

Election of United States senators by the people...57th Congress, 1st session, 1901-1902, Senate.


pd16 Un58

List of references on primary elections, particularly direct primaries.


pd16 Un58

Library of Congress discussions of 14th/15th amendments. 1906.


pd328 i9j v.2

Election and term of office of members of Congress.


pd324.247 Un58s

State absentee voting and registration laws, Office of War Info.


pd353.1 Un58mp [v.2 no.45]

Presidential elections; provisions of the Constitution and of the U.S. code.


pd328a J89-1 86-15

Voting rights.  Hearings on HR 10018. February 9-16, 1960.


pd328a R86-2 R26

Federal registrars.  Hearings before the committee on rules and administration.  US Senate 86th Congress, 2nd session on S.2684 & others.


pd328a J89-2 P92-8

Qualifications for voting.


pd 326.85 Un58V

Voting in Mississippi: a report.  Commission on Civil Rights.


pd328a J89-2 V94-2

Voting rights.  Hearings 89th Congress, 1st session on S.1564 to enforce the 15th Amendment to the Constitution.


Legislation by Subject



pd 328 J4g v.1

Campaign contributions

pd 328 Un58p [congress 1877]

Counting electoral votes

pd 324.73 Un58f 1960, 1962, 1964


pd 328a J89-2 E1-2


pd 317 Un58eL 1943-no.1, 1945-no.3, 1946-no.5

Elections-Bureau of other Census


pd 328 J2W v.25

Electoral college

pd 328a J89-1 82-7


pd 328aa J89-2 EL-2


pd 329.273 Un58fe

Federal corrupt practices act and Hatch political activities act


pd 328 #20 v.1

Electoral votes

pd 324.23 Un58M

Delegate selection


pd 328 aj89-2 p92-7

Terms (presidential)

pd 353 Un58te (1945)


pd 328a G74-7 P92-2

Transition (presidential)


Federal Election Commission

Library of Congress Primary Documents in American History

National Archives Electoral College Explanation

United States Election Assistance Commission

The Us Government’s Official Web Portal on Elections and Voting





Broadside S 1920-1938

Federal Suffrage Amendment/Woman's Franchise League of Indiana.  1920.


Y 3.EL 2/3:18/6

Montjoy, Robert S.  Motor voter registration programs.  1992.



United States.  Amending the Overseas citizens voting rights act of 1975 and the Federal voting assistance act of 1955:  report to accompany S. 703.  1977.



Y 1.1/8:111-211

United States.  Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act of 2009, July 16th 2009, 111-1 House Report 111-211.  2009.


Y 3.EL 2/5:8 V94/2010

United States.  A voter's guide to federal elections.  2010.


CR 1.10:84

United States Commission on Civil Rights.  A citizen's guide to understanding the Voting Rights Act.  1984.


CR 1.2:SU2

United States Commission on Civil Rights.  The last suffrage frontier:  enfranchising mental hospital residents:  a report/prepared by the Pennsylvania Advisory committee to the U.S. Commission of Civil Rights.  1978.


CR 1.2V 94/4

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  The voting rights act, unfulfilled goals:  a report of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  1981.





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ISLM JK1896.B35 2005

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ISLM JK1967.B42

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ISLM JK1896.C55 2003

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ISLM KF4905.G7

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ISLM KF 4886.H37 2003

Hansen, Richard L. (2003). The Supreme Court and election law:  judging equality from Baker v. Carr to Bush v. Gore. New York: NYU Press.

IP 323.6 No. 16

Hays, Will H. (1940). It's up to every American.

ISLM JK2271.K56

Knoke, David. (1976). Change and continuity in American politics:  the social bases of political parties. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

[Ref.] ISLM JK 1967.M54 1989

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ISLM JK1967.R87 2001

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ISLM JK 528.S28

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[Ref.] ISLM JK1967 A8 v.1-28

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ISLM JK1987.T45 1992

Teixeira, Ruy A. (1992). The disappearing American voter. Washington DC: Brookings Institution.

ISLM JK1853.W33

Wallace, David. (1964).  First Tuesday:  a study of rationality in voting. Garden City NY: Doubleday.

ISLM HJ1976.W38 2002


Wattenberg, Martin P. (2002). Where have all the voters gone? Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press.

[Ref.] ISLM JK1971 Y68 1987

Young. Michael L. (1987). American dictionary of campaigns & elections. Lanham MD: Hamilton Press.

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